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Who Married Who? 17 Pakistani Celebrities and Their Partners


Ashar and Khirad might have the greatest love story in the history of TV, but unfortunately, they don’t share the same connection in real life. Check out your favorite celebrities and their famous and not-so-famous partners.

17. Sanam Saeed and Farhan Hassan

17. Sanam Saeed and Farhan Hassan
desifreetv/ desifreetv.com

Sanam married her childhood friend, Farhan Hassan on January 2, 2015. He is a banker from Karachi.

16. Ayesha Omer and Azfar Rehman

16. Ayesha Omer and Azfar Rehman
facebookphototube/ facebookphototube.blogspot.com

Bulbulay’s Khoobsurat is allegedly dating Afzar Rehman, a Pakistani model and actor.

15. Soniya Hussain and Wasif Mohammad

Soniya Hussain and Wasif Mohammad
showbizpak/ showbizpak.com

Soniya Hussain and Wasif Mohammad tied the knot in 2013 at a small family function.

14. Sarwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza

Sarwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza
dawn/ dawn.com

These two make one of the best looking couples!

13. Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah

Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah
blush/ blush.com. pk

Sanam married her best friend, Abdullah Farhatullah, who is a TV host.

12. Fahad Mustafa and Sara Fahad

12. Fahad Mustafa and Sara Fahad
stylentips/ stylentips.com

Fahad got married to Sara in 2005! They both have a one year old daughter.

11. Azfar Ali and Naveen Waqar

11. Azfar Ali and Naveen Waqar
reviewit/ reviewit.pk

This created a lot of stir as Afzar Ali left his first wife to marry Naveen. They even went to hiding for a few months because the reaction was strong.

10. Ali Zafar and Ayesha Fazli

10. Ali Zafar and Ayesha Fazli
koolmuzone/ koolmuzone.pk

Our favorite pop-singer and actor got married to Ayesha Fazli in 2009, who is paternally related to Aamir Khan!

9. Fawad Afzal Khan and Sadaf Aftab

9. Fawad Afzal Khan and Sadaf Aftab
stylecatchup/ stylecatchup.pk

Fawad Khan’s marriage to Sadaf broke many hearts.

8. Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana

8. Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana
unomatch/ unomatch.com

Atif Aslam married his long-time girlfriend, Sara, in 2013.

7. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sara Bhatti

7. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sara Bhatti
actors.livetv/ actors.livetv.pk

The beautiful couple is blessed with two beautiful daughters!

6. Sajal Ali and Feroz Khan

6. Sajal Ali and Feroz Khan
paklike/ paklike.com

The rumor is that these two are keeping their engagement a secret.

5. Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed

5. Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed
pinterest/ pinterest.com

Actress Urwa Hocane and Jal’s vocalist Farhan Saeed seem to be in love these days.

4. Rambo and Sahiba

4. Rambo and Sahiba
profilepk/ profilepk.com

This one has to be Pakistan’s oldest and sweetest celebrity couple.

3. Mohib Mirza and Amina Sheikh

3. Mohib Mirza and Amina Sheikh
funkidos/ funkidos.com

These two equally talented actors are perfect for each other.

2. Syra Yousuf and Shehroz Sabzwari

2. Syra Yousuf and Shehroz Sabzwari
facebook/ facebook.com

The cutest couple on the block is now parents to a baby girl, Nooreh.

1. Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor

1. Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor
showbuzznews/ showbuzznews.com

Theirs were the most awaited wedding. Ayeza and Danish tied the knot last year after a long-term relationship.

Who’s your favorite couple?