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Watch Out! 12 Types Of Girls Every Guy Should Avoid


We’ve all met them or been with some of these kinds of girls. You know the one’s that we’re talking about. The clingy one’s, or jealous one’s and the drama queens. Some of you might even know a couple of those psycho cases such as the stalking kind. Have no fear my friend’s there are many types of girl out there. Just watch out for the troublesome ones. Here are just a few of those girls we would recommend avoiding if you wanna stay in one piece and remain sane. ūüôā

1. The girl that never likes what you wear or do! Always tells you to change! Р Kabhi khush hi nahi hoti

the that never likes anything

2. The nerdy girl that wants nothing else than to be your girlfriend…and doesn’t know how to tell you and tries to use chemistry to explain her feelings.

the psycho girl who wants to be your girlfriend

3. The girl that ends up showing up where ever you are, if you don’t answer her calls or texts


4. Watch out for the girls that tell you ‘mai tumse bohat pyar karti houn…agar mujhe chora tou maar dun gi’ ….. yup best to stay away from those, might not like the ending there


5. Watch out for the stalker…the one that watches every move you make and knows what you are doing all the time…’janu mai idhar hi hun’


6. The Pagal larki¬†jo sab ko pagal karti¬†hai…because you have no clue what she’s talking about…neither does anyone else for that matter – makes you lose your mind

giphy (1)

7. We’ve all seen the one that cries¬†when you say it is over janu and she is like “but janu, I Love youuuuu’

crying girlfriend

8.¬†The worst is the ‘Drama Queen Girl’ that makes a scene when you tell her you can’t go out that night or you are busy doing something else

drama queen girlfriend

9. Have you ever known a girl that cries non-stop? The one that always says she’s sorry? Doesn’t even matter if there’s nothing to be sorry about and keeps calling you while crying??

non stop crying

10.¬†The controlling girls the one’s that have you on a leash and control every move you make – yup the bossy ones

the bossy and controlling type
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11. Oh and the ones’ that won’t let you even talk to your girl cousins or other girls without being jealous

the jealous of all type
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12. There are also those girls that when you try to explain why you were late or why you didn’t call – they get all mad and nasty

the always made girl
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How many girls like this do you know?