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Try These Now: 11 Survival Hacks For Your Most Beloved Gadgets


Who doesn’t love an easy life? Who doesn’t love their gadgets? Isn’t it troublesome to have a bird’s nest of cables behind your PC or TV? Having to clean your keyboard? Well, it’s time to sort everything out with the hassle free hacks. And, who ever visits you, will definitely be amazed by how organized you are. Awesome? Totally!

We’ve rounded them all up here to make your tech-life a whole lot easier! Try these hidden hacks, and you sure will thank us later 😉

1. All you need for this holder is a cardboard paper, and a pair of scissors. Voila!

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2. Have you beaten the hell out of your keyboard to remove the dirt stuck between the keys? Use a post-it next time. And have mercy on your keyboard..

GetBestOutofWaste / Facebook

3.  Take selfies with your earphones! Yes, no more setting the timer, or stretching your arms like a weirdo to click the ‘shoot’ button!

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4. Tired of repurchasing your charger, because it keeps breaking every time? All you need is a spring from a pen!

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5. Don’t know what to do with bread tabs? Label them, and put them to use as cord organizers.

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6. No place to plug in your charger? Use the TV USB plugin. Shh.. don’t tell anyone 😉

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7. A perfect solution for your broken keyboard’s little feet..

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8. Love taking macro shot of little objects? Try this and be amazed!

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9. The coolest hack to groom your cords. Straight to spiral – within minutes!

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10. These clips are helpful in so many ways. Gotta organize them cables!


11. Switch to ‘Airplane Mode’ and speed up your charging time!

Switch to 'Airplane Mode' and speed up your charging time!

Amazed? Thought so! Try these and let us know! These hacks will definitely make your lives simpler and yeah awesome!