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Top 10 Restaurants Worth Eating At When Visiting Lahore


Apart from being a city rich with cultural heritage and tradition, Lahore is widely popular for its food culture. From spicy roadside food to classic fine dining, Lahore provides a variety of cuisines for every food lover. Nationwide, it’s a food paradise for visitors and Lahoris alike.

Thus, check our guide to the best restaurants in town.

1. Cuckoos Den

Cuckoos Den
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Starting with desi, Cuckoos has one of the best ‘tawa chicken’ dish in Lahore. Their BBQ platters, parathas, curries- everything in the menu has a unique spicy flavor to it. And one gets to enjoy a splendid view of Badshahi Mosque, all lit up at night.

2. Andaaz

Andaaz restaurant chicken dish
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In the same vicinity as Cuckoos, Andaaz restaurant is a great choice especially if you’re in the mood for seafood. Just the name of their Jhinga Karahi is mouth watering.

3. Bundu Khan

Bundu Khan
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One of our old favorites, nothing truly beats their quality of desi food. If you’re a mutton lover, you don’t know what mutton truly tastes like if you haven’t tried their delicious mutton chops.

4. Bashir Dar ul Mahi

Bashir dar ul mahi
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Everyday in the evenings, especially during winter time, you’ll witness a long cue- all standing in line to eat the ever famous Dar-ul-Mahi Machee. So soft, and delectable- the secret to their mouth watering fried fish is in the spicy marination. However, plenty of fish bones to be aware of!

5. Bhiaya Kebab

Bhaiya Kebab
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Anyone who’s lived in Lahore would know of Bhiaya kebabs. Their kebabs taste nothing like other kebabs you’ve had. Soft, and mildly spicy, they are a feast to treat to.

6. Mohammadi Nihari

Muhammadi Nihari
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In Lahore, they say you’re not a true Lahori if you haven’t had Nihari. For an authentic nihari taste, Mohammadi located in Mazung is the place to go.

7. Fujiyama

Fujiyama for sushi lovers
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For avid sushi lovers, this is the best place you’ll find sushi in Lahore. On the high end, you’ll have a great fine dining experience. Order their crunchi maaki, garlic rice, chicken tepiniyaki, and you’re all set for the night!

8. Cafe Aylanto

Moroccan Chicken at Cafe Aylanto
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Another great fine dining restaurant. Once you have their chili garlic prawns for starters, and their classic Moroccan chicken for the main course, we guarantee your taste buds craving for Aylanto’s food, every now and then.

9. Cosa Nostra/ La Pizzeria

Cosa Nostra
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Their diverse menu, and comfortable ambiance keeps everyone happy. They pioneered the trend of thin-crust pizzas in Lahore and nobody does it better than La Pizzeria. Their juicy burgers also deserve a special mention.

10. Hot & Spicy

Beef special rolls
Supermeal / Supermeal.pk

Famous for their paratha rolls, they’re even more divine when devoured past midnight. Also, easy on the pocket, their food is perfect for take away or have it freshly served in the car.