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Timing Is Everything: 17 Amazing Pictures Caught At The Perfect Time


Taking pictures isn’t an easy job. It requires patience and the knack for knowing how to take a picture, what the angle should be the lighting, it also requires knowing the when.

Taking a picture at just the right time is truly everything. If you take a picture too fast or too slow you could miss the moment altogether. If you take it from too high of an angle or too close, you lose the essence of what you want to save and share later.

Keeping all of this in mind some pictures caught at just the right time will make you wonder just exactly what was being caught on camera.

Here are a few pictures we at Shughal would like to share with you today. Pictures that were caught at the perfect moment.

1.That’s a lot of water from one tiny little bottle.

waterbottle waterfall
The Amazing Pics

 2. On no there’s a huge giant on the beach catching little people…Help!

giant pail

3. The latest model… part cat and all abs

cat with abs

4. Looks like Aladdin’s flying carpet finally is here. I want one too!

flying carpet

5. He finally caught that annoying plane!

finally caught that annoying plane

6. Look at the little birdy… let’s catch it…. I’m gonna get you…


7. I wonder if NBA Legend Micheal Jordan could jump that high? What do you think?

could michael jordan jump that high

8. Now I know why it’s called the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

now i know why its called the leaning tower of pisa

9. I had heard about the headless horseman …. but not the headless gymnast

headless gymnast

10. Someone really ate something really bad…..ewww!


11. Check out those legs….

check out those legs

12. Look at the tiny person he found…

look at the tiny person

13. Fishman has finally been found…


14. You know about fire breathing dragons right…well here’s the first ever fire breathing dog

fire breathing dogs
Architecture n design

15. Perfectly timed

the moon perfect timing

16. President Obama was a student of Hogwarts….he can do magic…

obama can do magic
Photography Heat

17. Blowing a lot of steam….

blowing a lot of steam
Photography Heat

Weren’t the pictures amazing! Caught at the perfect time, a picture can tell a completely different story. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed them. 🙂 Now run out and take your own perfectly timed pictures.