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This Is How Quickly Your Body Can Recover If You Stop Smoking Now!


Our body’s ability to mend is beauty to behold – ever wonder how you can recover from your lungs being plagued with nicotine, tar and other harmful chemicals.

Now is a great time to quit smoking. Why? In as little as 20 minutes you’ll start to feel the benefits of not smoking. Curious how long nicotine stays in your body? What types of nicotine withdrawal symptoms you’ll have? Well, Shughal has the answers for you!

This Is How Quickly Your Body Can Recover If You Stop Smoking Now!

This Is How Quickly Your Body Can Recover If You Stop Smoking Now!

If you quit now, this is how your body recovers within..

20 minutes: Your blood pressure, pulse rate and the temperature of your hands and feet have returned to normal.

Eight hours: Remaining nicotine in your bloodstream has fallen to 6.25% of normal peak daily levels, a 93.75% reduction.

48 hours: Damaged nerve endings have started to regrow and your sense of smell and taste are beginning to return to normal. Cessation anger and irritability will have peaked.

1-9 months: Any smoking related sinus congestion, fatigue or shortness of breath has decreased. Your body’s overall energy has increased.

One year: Your excess risk of coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke has dropped to less than half that of a smoker.

Five years: Your risk of a subarachnoid haemorrhage has declined to 59% of your risk while still smoking.

Ten years: Your risk of being diagnosed with lung cancer is between 30% and 50% of that for a continuing smoker.

Fifteen years: Your risk of death has now reduced to that of a never-smoker.

The picture on the left shows a smoker’s lungs!

The picture on the left shows a smoker's lungs - the picture on the right is 90 days after quitting!

So, when are you planning to quit this infectious addiction? Time to throw away that bag of gold – as they say, it’s not too late, it’s never too late!

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