Startups everywhere are changing the way people live their lives. The latest and greatest technologies around the world are coming out of basements and small offices, where brilliant minds, young and old, think of ways to improve the things we do every day. Pakistan is no different – Pakistan is a nation of ingenious, diligent and optimistic minds, and these incredible startups are a tribute to that

Here are some of the most innovative start-ups and ventures in the last five years that makes us proud to be a Pakistani.

1. – A smarter way to dine - Smarter way to dine

Pakistan is a country that loves its cuisine and EatOye is the place where you can get it all. The brain-child of Nauman Sikander and Rai Umar, the business started off as a restaurant guide in 2011, named Food Connections Pakistan, and has now evolved as the nation’s number one online food ordering service. EatOye features hundreds of restaurants and catering to thousands of Pakistanis every day!

2. Coke Studio – Sound of the Nation

Coke Studio - The sound of the Nation

The land of Sufism and classical folklore, the music of Pakistan is testament to its rich culture. Produced by Rohail Hyatt, Coke Studio was launched on June 8th, 2008 and now has the distinction of being the most popular music program in South Asia. Coke Studio centers on the fusion of diverse, multi-cultural influence of music in Pakistan and is a platform for famous, as well as upcoming musical artists of rich cultural background to sing together in live studio recording sessions.

3. Sukoon – Making life easier

Sukoon - Making life easier

On Labour Day, Shoaib Iqbal and Qazi Umair, CEO and COO of Sukoon respectively, launched their baby venture, an all-in-one online platform that offers home improvement services. Through Sukoon, anyone can book their desired home repair service online within a minute- this initiative is the very first of its kind in Pakistan and is supported by Google for Entrepreneurs, The US Government and Samsung.

4. Book Me – Just a click away!

Book Me - Just a click away!

How many movies or pleasure trips have you missed simply because you couldn’t get a ticket? Well, not anymore! is an online ticketing platform and a mobile app for bus and cinemas, founded by Faizan Aslam. This website and app allows you to browse movie show times, reserve tickets, check out bus schedules and book seats on the bus. You can now have the tickets delivered at your door step! Pretty neat, huh?

5. Daraz – At your doorstep

Daraz - At your doorstep

The aptly named online clothing store was founded by Farees Shah in 2012. It has changed the online shopping landscape in Pakistan. Gradually with passing time, people have started shopping online specifically on as it offers a massive range of products from different companies. They recently launched a mobile app as they believe the future of online sales depends on that.

6. TheFunKids – Say bye-bye to Media Violence

 The Fun Kids - Say bye-bye to obscenity!

Are you a concerned parent looking for a safe medium for your kids? This might be the place for you. The Fun Kids initiated the concept of providing an edutainment environment free from violence and vulgarity, which also dominates the mainstream media. Founded by Raheel Aslam, CEO of GoLive Digital Marketing Agency, TheFunKids is a new concept emerging in the Pakistani market and has received endorsements from the likes of Asifa Bhutto and Fahad Mustafa.

Certainly, this list proves that the youth of Pakistan is not lacking in talent and there are many more like entrepreneurs where this came from! Way to go! Are you ready to join our list of successful startups? 🙂