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These 8 Hilarious Wedding Videos Will Give You A Tummy Ache- #8 Is The Funniest


Desi weddings are the BOMB! There’s loads of food, music and dance! We often hope and pray for everything to be smooth on that very special day. Sometimes, it’s just a bad day. Check out these videos below to have a good laugh! 🙂

1. When you plan everything in a hurry, and everything goes wrong

2. This is called ‘zor, zabardasti ki shaadi’

3. Oh boy! Must’ve hurt himself real bad

4. This bride should’ve eaten something..

5. This guy is on the 7th sky!! Check out the brides reaction LOL!

6. Jab shaadi walay din dhoka hota hai

7. Dulha be like “I don’t even care”…

8. The only guy to be THIS happy on his wedding!

You really did enjoy watching these, didn’t you? Which one was the funniest?