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The Majestic Place in Swat You Didn’t Know About Before


Somewhere deep inside high mountains, and thick forests, there lays a breath taking place largely unknown to the world. It is a place where exotic wild flora and fauna grow, a home to the creatures that live in those thick jungles- hiding the beauty that exists in the middle.

Jaroga Waterfall 2
Dawn / Dawn.com

We talk of a serene waterfall, Jarogo waterfall that has no set route per se. Located in Chatekal valley of Matta tehsil (Swat), the waterfall symbolizes wild beauty, a place so magical that you mostly imagine such areas in your dreams. Truly out of a dreamworld, nobody really knows it exists. Very few have had the chance to visit it. It is even unexplored by many locals, maybe that’s why its captivating aura remains intact.

Jaroga Waterfall
Dawn / Dawn.com

But those who have visited, are mesmerized by the picturesque sight that the waterfall beholds. They are spellbound by the spectacular appearance, that exudes a heavenly feel to it.

“This is one of the best waterfalls in the world. I have never seen such a big waterfall in this part of the world. I invite all Pakistanis and foreigners to visit this particular place,” said Amjad Ali, a professional trekker and tourist, to Dawn news.

Winding track
Dawn / Dawn.com

The winding track to the waterfall is also worth mentioning. One has to trek along big pine trees, hear the birds chirp in the background, while gushing water flows along its snaky path.

Dawn / Dawn.com

It is not uncommon that Pakistan hosts numerous locations like these that remain largely unvisited, and unknown. Our land is full of mystic lakes, serene meadows, and everlasting greenery.

So we think it’s time for us locals to pick up our jogging gears, make plans for the summer, and explore the hidden diamonds that shine throughout Pakistan’s magical valleys.