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The 13 Most Influential Journalists Of Pakistan


Journalism has always been regarded as an important force in our country. Previously we had Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Muhammad Ali Jauhar who used print media to convey their messages, and today we have quite a few more.

Here is the list of some of the most notable and influential Pakistani journalists today.

1. Talat Hussain

Talat Hussain

He is a Pakistani journalist, foreign policy commentator, primary anchor and a television personality. Born in Chakwal, he started his career in the late 1990s by running the morning news show called Sawairay Sawairay on PTV. Currently, he works for Saach Tv, and is the Project Director and Assistant Professor at Bahria University in Islamabad.

2. Dr. Shahid Masood


Apart from being a journalist and a writer, Dr. Shahid Masood is a licensed surgeon. He has practiced surgery in Pakistan as well as in United Kingdom and Ireland. Currently, he writes columns on Daily Jang and hosts a show on News One.

3. Mubasher Luqman


Did you know that Mubasher Luqman initially started his career as a film producer? He later turned to journalism and appeared on Dunya News in 2009. As of current, he is the host of Meri Jang on Bol News.

4. Hamid Mir


Hamid Mir, a Pakistani journalist and news anchor, was born in Lahore and hails from a journalistic family. Mir has worked with various mainstream Pakistani newspapers and hosted many shows. He has also interviewed a number of famous personalities such as Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair and Nelson Mandela. He has been awarded with Pakistan’s second highest civil award, Hilal-i-Imtiaz.

5. Asma Shirazi


Asma Shirazi started her career in 2001 with Geo News. During her journalistic career, she became Pakistan’s first female war correspondent and first Pakistani to win the Peter Mackler Award for Courageous and Ethical Journalism in 2014.

6. Ansar Abbasi


Born in Murree, Ansar Abbasi always wanted to join the field of journalism. After completing his Masters in Mass Communication, he became a professional journalist in 1991 at The Democrat. Currently, he is an investigative editor at The News International.

7. Javed Chaudhry


Although we don’t see much of him, his column, Zero Point, is widely read and has greatly influenced people. He also hosts the show Kal Tak on Express News.

8. Meher Bukhari


Meher Bukhari is a journalist, a TV anchorperson and a host. She stared her career at Samaa TV and is currently working at Dawn News.

9. Kamran Khan


Kamran Khan is an investigative journalist, a host show and intelligence commentator. He is the President and Editor-in-Chief at Dunya media group.

10. Nusrat Javed

Nusrat Javed

Nusrat Javed is  columnist, journalist and news anchor. He hosted a popular show, Bolta Pakistan on Aaj TV, and has written for leading newspapers.

11. Iqrar-ul-Hassan Syed

11. Iqrar-ul-Hassan Syed

One of the younger journalists, Iqrar-ul-Hassan Syed was born in 1984. He started his career as a television presenter and a journalist. Currently, he working on ‘Sar-e-Aam’, a popular reality show that airs on ARY News.

12. Waseem Badami


Waseem Badami began his career as a journalist in 2006 on ARY Digital, and began to host his own show ’11th Hour with Waseem Badami’ that hit it off with the people. He joined Bol Network as as Executive Vice President and Senior Anchorperson, but later resigned.

13. Kashif Abbasi

13. Kashif Abbasi

Known for his bold style of questioning, Kashif Abasi is a journalist, television talk show host and anchorperson based in Islamabad. He is the host of the the current affairs talk show ‘Off the Record’ on ARY News. Did you know he is married to Meher Bukhari?

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