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A Sublime Journey To Galyat – KPK To Punjab In 15 Pictures


Galyat is narrow hill tract situated approximately 50 to 80 km north-east of Islamabad, Pakistan. It extends to both sides of the border between Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab, which is between the regions of Abbottabad and Murree.

Endowed with natural beauty, verdurous hills and sublime panoramas, Galyat is the perfect spot for a summer getaway. Driving through Galyat and its localities is a purely delightful visual treat.

In case you have been wondering, Galyat is derived from the plural of the Urdu word gali, an alley between two mountains. Several villages and towns in the Galyat region have the word gali in their names.

Here are some of the wonderful destinations and mountain resorts that you will come across on your trip to Galyat.

1. Ayubia National Park is a luscious forest supporting various ecosystems. As it is a popular tourist destination, there are many hotels, restaurants, sight seeing and picnic spots.

Ayubia Hiking Trail

2. Bara Gali is one of the beautiful mountain resorts in Galyat in KPK region.

Bara Gali

3. Another beautiful mountain resort in KPK – Changla Gali.

Changa Gali- Reflections

4. Dunga Gali is brimming with greenery in summer and snow in winters. If you want a good dose of fresh breeze, this is where you go!

Dunga Gali

5. Khaira Gali in KPK. It is famous for its hexagon manor situated on the highest elevation of the town.

Khaira Gali sunrise

6. The majestic waterfall at Nathiagali.

Namli Maira Waterfall

7. Mushkpuri Top – The second highest hill of Galyat.

Mushkpuri Top

8. Nathiagali – Summer in full bloom.

A view of nathia Gali Pakistan

9. A view of the old barracks at Thandiani, which translate into ‘very cold’.

Old Barracks In Thandiani

10. Enchanting Murree in the months of summer.

Murree-- The beautiful (Pakistan)

11. A blanket of snow covers Murree during winters.

Mount Murree

12. Bhurban, a luxury resort town in Punjab.


13. Charra Pani, a hill station in Punjab.

charra pani, murree

14. En Route to Galyat.


15. The End.


Are you ready to explore Galyat?

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