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Stunning Pictures That Would Make You Want to Visit Kalash Valley


Situated in the Chitral District of Pakistan, this valley is not only known for its spectacular natural beauty but also for its rich history, culture and traditions.

Kalaash Valley
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A journey among this valley proves to be a wonderful and memorable experience. The Valley is a major tourist attraction, and stands at an elevation of 1670-2309 meters (5,476-7,576 feet)

Kalash Valley
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Kalaash Valley overall consists of three small valleys: Brir, Bumburet and Rambur. Easily accessable via jeep-able roads, they are ideal for those not used to trekking.

Wooden Bridge in Bhamboret, Kalaash Valley
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The valley has a historic background- inhabitants of this valley called the ‘Kalaasha tribe’ have their own religion and customs. Many believe they are the descendants of the Greek civilization of Alexander the Great.

Kalasha people
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The inhabitants of this old tribe are such cheerful people, who love music, instruments, dance and drums. Each year, they celebrate several festivals namely Chilam Joshi, Pho Festival, Uchal, and others.

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What’s more amazing is that the Kalaasha community is not a male-dominated community like most others in Pakistan. They allow both their men and women to do their duties freely and ensure their women do not suffer cruelty of gender bias or discrimination.

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The valley is endowed with rich natural resources, and celebrates all four seasons all year round. Each seasons brings with it its own charm. In the above picture, young children of the tribe play their indigenous winter game cikik ghal meaning snow golf.

Chitral Rambur valley
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Foreigners require a permit for visiting Kalash valley, and have to pay a toll tax of Rs.10 while Rs. 1.00 per person is charged from domestic tourists.

Kalash -Chitral
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The Kalash people live in small houses, built on the embankments of streams and rivers that are plentiful in the region.

Their houses are constructed with rough shaped logs, and are double storeyed.

Kalash-Valley houses and villages
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Today, this ancient tribe faces a security threat. But Pakistani’s should be proud of owning a land so full of diversity, and culture. These areas are beautiful beyond words, and their beauty can only truly be admired when the sights are in front of you-

A river in Kalaash Valley