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5 Secrets That Reveal What Men Find Physically Attractive In Women


As far as physical attraction is concerned, there are some that men usually look out for when they first have a glance at a woman. There’s much to be said for the instant attraction that comes from physicality. It can be difficult to figure out what’s MOST attractive to men. But, the secret is out!

Check out these top 5 features we’ve come across that men find physically attractive in a woman!

1. Hair – Healthy and lustrous

Healthy, lustrous hair

Shiny, voluminous hair is indeed beautiful. Moderately long hair, or anywhere close to the shoulder length is pretty attractive. That still doesn’t mean a woman should go out and get some extensions. That is a NO NO!

2. Smile – The sexiest curve

 A cute, happy smile

Smiling is a major factor, and a cute smile is something that makes a person look friendly and approachable. And you might have heard this saying “happy people are attractive people”? It is also a sign of confidence. Science has also proven that the whiter the teeth are, the better.

3. When in doubt – Wear red!

Beautiful in red

Red is no doubt the most loved color among women. It has also been proven that wearing red enhances the male attraction. Research has also shown that non-human male primates are particularly attracted to females displaying red. Amazing?

4. Less makeup – Less is MORE!

Less makeup

No one likes a caked up face, full of makeup and heavy contouring! Although it might make a woman look beautiful, but natural beauty always wins a male heart. A natural, bare face is the way to go!

5. Voice – High-pitched


Women are naturally endowed with a beautiful voice which men find highly attractive. Some men love a strong voice in a woman, some prefer a soft tone with a high pitch, which also signifies youth and a smaller body.

So .. what are you thinking? What attracts you the most? Lost in your fantasy land? 😛

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