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On Screen Vs. Reality: The Other Side Of Pakistani Actresses


We often get used to watching Pakistani actresses in a particular role on TV, which makes it harder to imagine them in some other role. Here is the side of Pakistani actresses that is totally different to what is shown on TV.

1. Amna Ilyas who is always the ideal bahu of TV

amna ilyas

Amna Ilyas got everyone’s attention after her drama, Janam Jali, that went on air on Hum TV. She won everyone’s heart with her innocent looks and great acting. Even though she is glamorous off screen, there is something about her that makes her a perfect character for an ideal bahu.

2. Sanam Chaudhry who looks too innocent and simple on screen

sanam chaudhry

Sanam Chaudhry appeared in the drama serial, Khata, as the damsel in distress. Her innocent looks always make her a perfect candidate for a positive and ‘mazloom’ role.

3. Sajal Ali who is always the damsel in distress on TV

sajal aliu

Sajal has been playing the damsel in distress roles for a long while now.

4. Hina Dilpazeer whom we know as Momo in Bulbulay


Just like Mr. Bean, we all know her as Momo.

5. Ayesha Omer who is better known as Khoobsurat in Bulbulay

ayesha omer

Ayesha Omer is also known for her character in the drama Bulbulay and it was hard to imagine her any other way until she appeared in the blockbuster drama, Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

6. Ayesha Khan, the innocent girl in Mehram

ayesha khan

Being a very versatile actor, she is seen in positive roles as well as negative ones.

7. Saba Qamar who was the seedhi saadhi larki in Digest Writer

saba qamar

If you know Saba Qamar as Fareeda from Digest Writer, you need to see her real pictures.

8. Maya Ali who played the religious girl in Shanakht

maya ali

Oh, so you watched the entire drama Shanakht and wanted to believe Maya Khan does hijab?

9. Mahira Khan who is our very own Khirad

mahira khan

Of course, she is not the sutti savatri Khirad in real life.

10. Humaima Malik whom we know as the innocent girl in Bol

humaima malik

This is shocking. But hey, what were you expecting?

11. Aamina Sheikh whom we remember as the sutti savatri from Maat

amina sheikh

The sister who always sacrificed??? That was just a drama!

Did any of these pictures leave you amused?

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