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Is This Really Pakistan? – 10 Spectacular Sanctuaries In Azad Kashmir


Azad Kashmir is one of the most spectacular places on earth. We rave about its beauty all the time, but there are many more enchanting destinations in Kashmir waiting to be discovered.

Here are some of the following spectacular sanctuaries in Azad Kashmir that look straight out of a story book.

1. Is this a scene from Lord of the Rings?

1. Is this a scene from Lord of the Rings?

No, it’s Leepa Valley. Featuring high mountains, pine tree forests and fresh breeze, Leepa Valley is a scenic destination located 105 kilometres from Muzaffarabad.

2. This quiet village has to be somewhere in England.

2. This quiet village has to be somewhere in England.

No. It’s Kutton, a village in Neelum Valley that will make you fall in love with itself. Colored with shades of green and blue, the blissful village is perfect for those seeking a quiet space.

3. Are these valleys found in China?

3. Are these valleys found in Cihina?

No. Reshian is a breathtakingly beautiful place in Hattian Bala District of Azad Kashmir.

4. This reminds us of Scottish countryside.

4. This reminds us of Scottish countryside.

No. Dotted with cottages and bursting with greenery, Taobat is a place to go when you want a good dose of nature.

5. This must be photoshopped!

Flowery Meadows of Haji Pir

No. Looking for a right photography inspiration? Make a beeline for Haji Pir, a panoramic meadow blooming with flowers.

6. Is this Tuscany?

6. Is this Tuscany?

No. Toli Pir is a cluster of rolling hills covered with a blanket of green trees. If you want to get high on nature, Toli Pir will please you.

7. Is this lake somewhere in Japan?

7. Is this lake somewhere in Japan?

No. Gattian lake in AZK is a delight to the eyes! Encircled by lofty hills, sweeping wild-flowers, the lake is a perfect spot to have a picnic.

8. Are these shrines in Tibet?

8. Are these shrines in Tibet?

No. Pir Chinasi is a tourist destination located right on the top of the hills near Muzaffarabad.

9. This looks like Greece.

9. This looks like Greece.

No. It is Ramkot Fort, an ancient fort located in Azad Kashmir, right next to the Mangla Dam.

10. This must be somewhere in Africa.

Gulpur Waterfall (Azad Kashmir).

No. It’s Gulpur Waterfall located in Kotli, in AZK. Tucked away neatly behind the curtain of trees, the waterfall is a lovely surprise.

It is rather easy to see why people fall in love with the sublime region. If you want to feel close to nature and experience tranquillity, a getaway to Azad Kashmir will exceed your expectations.