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Rarely Seen Pictures Of The Sacred Cave of Hira


A place of great significance in Islam, the Cave of Hira is viewed as where Islam, began. It is where the Prophet (PBUH) came to for solitude, to meditate and think about what was becoming of his people. It was during one of these of meditation, in 611 AC, the Prophet (PBUH) was visited by the Angel Gabriel. He brought him the word of God. It was within the cave of Hira that the Prophet was taught Surah Al-Alaq and the very foundations of Islam.

Mount Noor

Five kilometers from the holy city of Mecca is Mount Noor(Jabal An-Bur), which is also known as the Mountain of Light. It is on top of this mountain, on the north side that we find the Cave of Hira.

Trek up Mount Noor

Muslim pilgrims are allowed to make the hour and half long trek up the mountain. In recent years, a path has been constructed to make the climb easier, with guard rails and benches that allow people to rest during the steep climb. In the past pilgrims were walking up the mountain the way the Prophet did. Weaving through loose stones and holes, sliding to reach the top of the mountain.

Sitting on top of the Cave of Hira

Pilgrims who reach the summit climb to the top to see just how far the Cave was from the city of Makka during the time of Prophet.

The entrance to the cave of Hira

The cave has two entrances one that faces the west and one that is used by pilgrims on the north side. The north side entrance is barely wide enough for a man to go through and is then followed by a narrow passage before opening up into the interior of the cave.

Sitting at the cave of hira

Pilgrims sit at the entrance after the long trek up the Mountain and take in the serenity and importance of the place they have arrived at, the magnitude of it, can sometimes be overwhelming.

Entering through the narrow passage

Past the entrance is a narrow passage that one must go through to enter the cave.

Inside the cave of hira

A view of the inside of the cave. The emotional onslaught felt by the majority of pilgrims of what the cave means and what transpired within the walls is beyond compare.

The Cave is one of the holy sites in Islam that is sometimes overlooked. What we forget is that this Cave is where our religion was first brought to the Prophet, who then imparted the revelation to his companions and wife.

Here’s a video on the Cave of Hira.


Have you ever been to the Cave of Hira? If so what was your experience? What was your reaction? How did you feel when you reached the entrance to the Cave of Hira?