Pakistan might not be internationally renowned for its beaches – but maybe that’s because they’ve never achieved the right exposure they deserved. The geographic and topographic location of the beaches also play a vital part in their anonymity.

Whilst a majority of Pakistanis prefer visiting places like Thailand to enjoy good beach trips, Pakistan’s absolutely breathtaking and exotic beaches go unnoticed. They look the same, the water is just as cold there, the sand is just as golden and the feels are better, and more homely than anywhere else in the world.

Shughal has created a comparison matrix of beaches of Pakistan and Thailand that prove our beaches are just as good!

1. Kund Malir Beach, Balochistan

 Kund Malir Beach, Balochistan

The blue tides, the black rocks and cloudy sky – all similar to each other. What’s the difference?

2. Gwadar Beach, Balochistan

Gwadar Beach, Balochistan

Similarly to each other, both cities lie in the middle of beaches at both ends. Demographic twins?

3. Clifton Beach, Karachi

Clifton Beach, Karachi

Similar constructions in front of the beach. It’s not magic nor voodoo – just how people prefer living.

4. Pasni Beach, Balochistan

Pasni Beach, Balochistan

The curve of the beach is so melodramatic in both pictures, makes you wonder what if the beach from Balochistan was a little greener on the mountain top?

5. Astola Island Beach, Balochistan

Astola Island Beach, Balochistan

The green waters, see through and full of wild sea creatures – the mountain border offers the perfect resemblance.

6. Manora Beach, Sindh

Manora Beach, Sindh

Golden sand and fresh blue water in both pictures. How are they any different?

7. French Beach, Karachi

French Beach, Karachi

Beach huts are famous everywhere in the world.. from Karachi to Phi Phi.

8. Sea-view, Karachi

Sea-view, Karachi

Sand art is one of the most creative formats – only to be found on beaches.

9. Ormara Beach, Balochistan

Ormara Beach, Balochistan

No matter where you see the Sun set – in Ormara or in Koh Samui.. it is one of the most beautiful sights found by the sea.

These pictures are proof of nature’s beauty – it doesn’t matter if you find them in Thailand or in Pakistan – what’s important is admiring Allah’s beautiful creations and making the most of them while you have the chance. Also, these pictures definitely prove that Pakistani beaches are no gimmicks. 😉