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14 Glorious Churches in Pakistan


We have seen the splendor of the mosques around the world and in Pakistan. Now take a look at the beautiful Churches that can be seen in Pakistan. Old regal buildings that are the place of worship for our minority brothers and sisters.

There are the famous Churches that have been around for over a century, long before the concept of Pakistan even existed. They are an intrinsic part of the landscape and skyline of the cities they call their homes. Like the Pakistani’s that attend mass and offer prayers there. A part of Pakistan that is sometimes overlooked and missed when looking for the beauty in our country. These Churches with beautiful arches and stained glass windows in the towers are both wondrous and a site to behold.

Currently, there are over 263 in Pakistan. All worth seeing, so take a tour with Shughal today and see some of the tremendous Churches.

In no particular order, here are some of the incredible Churches that can be found in Pakistan.

1. Built in 1887 and located in Lahore is the Cathedral Church of Resurrection

Cathedral Church of Resurrection

2. Christ Church in Clarkabad, Punjab

Native Pakistan

3.  Sacred Heart Cathedral in Lahore. It was built in 1907


4. St. Joseph Church Lahore Cantt – built in 1853

St. Joseph Church Lahore Cantt
Archdiocese Lahore

5. St Andrew’s Church – built in the early 1850s

Native Pakistan

6. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Karachi – Built in 1845

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

7. Saint Mary Cathedral Church, Multan – over 165 years old

Christians In Pakistan

8. The Holy Trinity Church, Sialkot – built in 1852

Native Pakistan

9. St John’s Cathedral in Peshawar – built between 1851 and 1860

St Johns Cathedral Peshawar
Victorian Web

10. Christ Church Rawalpindi – built in 1852

Christ Church Rawalpindi
Victorian Web

11. Holy Trinity, Karachi – construction began in 1852

Holy Trinity Karachi
Victorian Web

12. Saint Luke Church Abbottabad – built in 1864


13. Naulakha Presbyterian Church – built in 1853

Lahore - Naulakha Church

14. All Saints Church, Peshawar – built 1883

Morning Star News

Aren’t they beautiful? take the time to see the other part of our flag and just see how amazing their churches are.

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