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The Mystery of Shehr-e-Roghan Could It Be True???


Known now as Bela, this town is roughly 175 km from Karachi in the province of Balochistan. The archaeological site is known by a few names Shehr-e-Roghan, the City of caves or by some it is known as the City of Jinns.

Caved city

Who built these caves? Who lived in them? No one can say with certainty. Archaeologists and historians believe that the caves have the makings of a Buddhist monastery, probably dating back to the 7th century.


During the British rule, there were over 1500 rooms that were found in the city. The rooms had windows and niches made for what historians believed, were for lamps and hearths in the center of the rooms were also found, to keep the inhabitants warm. There were also numerous pathways within the mountain that connected the rooms together.

City of Caves
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The logic is there and history also indicates that as the ruler of Armabel was also Buddhist. Another interesting fact that historians have found is the stories that are related to the area, the legends are heavily influenced by Persian lore.

This is what science has told us about this amazing site.

Legends, tell a different story. In the wilderness of Balochistan, we find the traces of legends that connect the North and South of Pakistan.


The legend begins during the time of King Soloman. It tells of a King with a beautiful daughter named Badiul Jamal, who lived within the city. She was plagued by demons. Over time, numerous heroes including Princes came to save the Princess from her tormentors, to no avail.

Caved city 2
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Then one fateful day Prince Saiful Malook came. He conquered where others had failed. He vanquished the demons that haunted the Princess in the Cave city and they both left and went to into the North.

City of Caves

What happened next? Well that’s another legend, that I’m sure you have heard of already.