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This Has To Be The World’s Best Daal!


Craving tasty food that will knock your socks off? Then leave those fancy restaurants behind and take a trip along Grand Turk Road to the famous Mian Gee Restaurant – located on G.T road south of Kharian in the Gujrat area.

Initially, Mian Gee began serving his “desi ghee dal” to locals it is said from 1957. In 1982, he opened up his location on G.T road providing dal and parathas to truck drivers traveling from Lahore to Islamabad.

Over the past two decades the shack has evolved into a family restaurant where you can enjoy numerous dishes. To this day, however, Mian Gee is still famous for its “desi ghee dal” they serve with achar.

mian gee dal and roti


mian gee

Mian Gee is now a proper restaurant where families can have a sit-down meal whether you want their famous “desi ghee dal” or chicken tikka. There are numerous dishes to pick from, so everyone in your family is sure to find something they love.

dal mian gee

For those in search of food that tastes amazing, and are willing to be adventurous, Mian Gee Restaurant is where you want to go. Taste the flavours that made Pakistani famous, and wash those amazing flavours down with a glass of cold lassi.

You can learn more about Mian Gee Restaurant on their Facebook page.