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If You’ve Lived Through These 10 Things Then You’ve Lived An Army Life


The life of a soldier is full of hard work, lots of determination and courage. But those are not the only things that a Pakistani Soldier deals with it. A soldier’s family on the other hand fight their own battles every year.

It’s a whole different ball game for ‘Army families’. It’s a lifestyle like none other – unique and utterly different. The constant moving, changing schools, making new friends can have a toll.

But there are benefits, you get to see Pakistan, live in different places, places that many never get a chance to see and meet different people. You have friends all over the nation.

Here’s just a small taste of what Army life is like:

1.You know you are in the army when every year your garage looks like this

moving every year
Pak Army Brats/facebook.com

2. When you have furniture that doesn’t really match

mix and match furniture
Material Girls blog

3. You know for sure you live an army life when you hear your mom complain when she moves each year

army moms be like
Pak Army Brats/facebook.com

She complains about moving into a strange place and then a few months later she complains about leaving the place because now she likes it.

4. When you have carpet that never fits a room and carpets of all colors in one room – so you can cover the floor

carpeting that doesn't fit

5. When you are always the new kid in the class and there are days you just wish you didn’t have to go

always the new kid
Huffington Post

6. When you refer to all hospitals as CMH and then have to explain to others what CMH is

Pakistan Today

7. When people talk about travelling in Pakistan and finding places to stay – your suggestion ‘guest room ya mess mai room book kar lo’ and everyone looks at you with a blank look

blank look

And you eventually explain it’s like a hotel, run by the army.

8. When there is an official dinner and no children are allowed – party time!!!

parents gone party time

9. When you live in Bahawalpur and are told you are moving to Gilgit and you don’t own one single coat for winter

no coat

10. Your family is always the first at a wedding – never late

arriving early to a wedding
Indian wedding Photography

Usually, no one is there not even the bride or the groom’s family.

Do you have family or have you lived this type of life?