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Growing Up Pakistani – 14 Things We Went Through While Growing Up


There are just many little things we’ve seen almost everyday in our lives while growing up as Pakistanis that were killingly funny! Well, Pakistanis are just awesomely one of a kind and we have our own way of doing things – and no one can beat us to it.

We’ve compiled a list of things that we as Pakistanis go through while growing up, let’s take a look:

1. Did you notice the jam jars that are filled with spices? Exactly, ANY container your mom finds empty, will automatically evolve into a spice jar

True haha them Pakistani spices I can't even count them.???? #growinguppaki. #growinguppakistani

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2. No matter if you study or not. Eat badaams and you will pass your exams #LikeABoss!

One of the old things that if u eat almonds u pass tests. Just Pakistani things. #growinguppakistani #desi #eatbadams #passexams

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3. These Pakistani jokes can’t get real than this. It really backfires sometimes. Parents, zara soch samajh k next time LOL..

4. Oh, so you love surprise presents? How about that elaichi bomb in your biryani? How do you feel then? That’s a surprise too… Isn’t it?

5. Yes, yes, in every Pakistani household…

#growinguppaki #growinguppakistani

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6. And that’s the moment you’ll hear your mom say “Jab chahiye hongay, de dungi”. That day NEVER comes!

7. Majority of us did have sewing supplies inside… or just plain flour, right?

It's always either atta, or sewing supplies #growinguppakistani

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8. The ‘mustakbil’ of old clothes that are turned to Pochas. And if it was your favorite shirt? Be ready to cry your heart out!

?? #Growinguppakistani

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9. You know you had these obnoxiously printed ‘kambals’ in your home. You still do and you love them.

Yes now them kamalls #kamal #weird #Growingupasian #growinguppakistani #nochill

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10. When your house almost catches fire while your mom makes rotis and parathas, and you have to open every single door and window for ventilation!

11. How many times have you heard this?

12. There is no Ludo without an epic fight. There’s always that one person (the loser) who ruins the game and leaves!

13. A Pakistani household is partial without superstitions,”seedha kar k rakho chappal ko”!!!

14. The only way to protect your remote control, and to make it last a life time… Oh, let’s not forget about beating the hell out of it? So much for that plastic wrap!

What things did you experience while growing up? Anything extraordinarily funny or weird?