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9 Unsung Heroes of Pakistan


As a nation, we know that our Army and services are an incredible lot and the heroes of the nation. Today without refuting that fact we would like honor and acknowledge some other heroes of Pakistan that get sidelined sometimes.

There are not enough words to describe what these individuals have done; no words are sufficient to the praise that they should be showered with. There are no eyes that don’t shed tears for them for what they given to their country. The actions of these individuals should be emulated.

Here are some of the unsung heroes of Pakistan

1. Atizaz Hasan

The News Tribe

There is no word to describe this young man’s bravery. At only 15 years old he did what many his age could never think of or even consider. A suicide bomber approached them outside their school gate, his friends ran when they saw the bomb, while he stood firm. Hasan made the decision to stop him. The merciless terrorist showed no remorse, he blew himself up and along with him Hasan. That fateful morning, the nation lost a brave young man, but his bravery saved 700 of his school mates.

2. Tahira Qazi

Tahira Qazi
Trick Falls

A woman that is beyond words, her courage, and her fortitude to protect the children was beyond belief. Not many could have accomplished what she did. Her actions, her courage, and bravery saved so many and inspired even more. The principal that stood up to the terrorists to protect those children that she was entrusted with. She could have saved herself. Instead, she kept going back to get out her students and ensure they were safe.

3. Afsha Ahmed

Afsha Ahmed
Trick Falls

A young woman in the prime of her life¬†showed such courage that has no measure. A teacher at APS Peshawar on that fateful day in December when all hell broke loss. She sacrificed her life to protect the lives of her students. One of the survives, shares the last words of this courageous woman, “You must kill me first because I will not see my students bodies lying in front of me”. They set her on fire, and even then she shouted for her students to run, her actions saved the lives of a dozen students on that day.

4. Abdul Khaliq – “The Flying Bird of Asia.”


A man who achieved what others could only dream of. People say that when he ran it was like he didn’t touch the earth, but rather he flew across the finish line, he was the thorn in Milkha Singh’s side for years. He was Asian’s fastest man, the man that won 36 Gold, 15 Silver and 12 Bronze medals for his country in international games. A man that has been all but forgotten now.

5. Athar Yad Ali

Athar Yad Ali
Pakistan Today

Athar became a hero for his bravery on the motorway in January 2015. While traveling with his family through the Salt Ranges, he saw the driver and his companion of a 22-wheeler jump out, after the brakes had failed on the truck. Without thought of his life, he pulled over and ran to the truck climbing in and trying to stop by ramming it into the cement walls. His bravery that day saved hundreds of lives along the mountainous road.

6. Farman Ali Khan

The News Tribe

A Pakistani martial arts champion in 2009, he fought his greatest fight. Farman had been visiting Saudi Arabia, during his visit to Jeddah, there were torrential rains that resulted in flooding. Farman, the courageous individual that he was, took it upon himself to save the people around him. He saved the lives of 14 people before losing his life. Today there is a highway after him and was awarded the highest civil award by Saudi’s King.

7. Boatman Sanaullah

Maverick Pakistanis

In August 2010, Sanaullah a simple boatman from the village of Camp Koroona did the impossible. His village that is situated near the Islamabad – Peshawar Motorway and was hit by floods. Sanaullah did what he could. He took upon himself to save the people of his village. That fateful day, Sanaullah successfully saved 2,500 people of his village. His bravery resulted in an entire village that survived the flood without losing one single life.

8. Akash Bashir

Akash Bashir
Pakistan Today

Part of the volunteer security force at the St.John Church in Youhanabad. When he saw suicide bomber run towards the church, he held him, as tight as he could. The suicide bomber said he would die, but Akash, the brave soul that he was just held tighter until the bomb exploded. His bravery that day saved lives and reduced the damage that the bomber could have caused if he had been able to enter the church. We salute Akash Bashir for your bravery.

9. Kulsoom Hazara

Kulsoom Hazara
Hazaras in Karachi

An inspiration to the Hazara community and Pakistani girls. Kulsoom has achieved what no other Pakistan girl has; she has broken the stereotypes that were chains for many others. Today Kulsoom is the National Karate Champion for women, with the goal to win gold at the Olympics.

There are many more. That should be honored for their bravery to stand up. Today we salute these brave individuals for their actions.