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9 Types Of Rickshaw Walas In Pakistan Everyone Has Dealt With


If you’re lucky, you’ll find a shareef rickshaw wala to take you to your destination, and if not well let’s say you’re in hell. Fighting and arguing with a rickshaw wala is not the coolest thing, and one cannot keep their calm. Following are the different types of rickshaw wala you’ll see out there:

1. The DJ wala

The DJ wala
mumbai talkies / mumbaitalkies.in

No tameez at all. Having ladies sitting at the back, but the music will still be so loud.

2. The cellulars

 The cellulars
giphy / giphy.com

Always on the phone, and you’ll freak out thinking that he’s calling his gang to rob you.

3. The skeptics

 The skeptics
giphy / giphy.com

They’ll take you through the weirdest streets you’ve never been to.. and you sit there with a pounding heart.

4. The ‘taaroo’

The taarus
tumblr / recandpark.tumblr.com

They won’t get their eyes off of you, and they’ll adjust their mirrors to have a good look at you. The only thing you can do is hide your face.

5. The lazy bottoms

The lazy bottoms
thecityfix / thecityfix.com

No matter where you want to go, either it’s a 5 min destination or a 30 min, they’ll refuse to take you.

6. The hagglers

 The hagglers
wordpress / silentneighborhoods.wordpress.com

They’ll argue for money.. even over 10 rs! In the end, you’re so infuriated, that you choose to go with another rickshaw wala.

7. The non-stoppers

The non-stoppers
blogspot / imranfazal.blogspot.com

You wave your hand to stop them, and they just pass by ignoring you, as if you’re invisible. Huh!

8. The racers

The racers
tumblr / recandpark.tumblr.com

So basically it’s not a rickshaw, it’s a freaking car from Fast and Furious-not caring who’s on the road.

9. The shareef guys

 The shareef guys
wordpress / 1toanother.wordpress.com

These rickshaw wala will take you right to your destination, without saying a word, without making a chutney out of your brain.

Are there any more types of rickshaw wala you’ve witnessed?