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9 Things You Should Really Stop Doing Before You Turn 30


Your twenties is a great time for exploration, figuring out what you want, what career to choose, and also to settle down. But there are some bad habits that seep into late twenties that you might need to get rid of before turning 30…

1. Communicating with your phone more than people around you

Always on your smartpone
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We all know it’s the smartphone era, and younger generation is highly tech savvy. However, we must learn to appreciate and spend quality time engaging in personal conversations with loved ones.

2. Sleeping late

Sleeping late
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Some people are morning persons, but some truly are nocturnal beings. Those belonging to the latter category really need to change this habit before 30. As the body and energy slows down with age, and work life begins, sleeping late will prove to be disastrous.

3. Waking up late

Lazing in bed
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Even if you sleep early but wake up late, you’ll feel groggy and realize you wasted half of your day doing nothing when you could have done so much. Responsibilities take charge of life as you grow older, and such habits won’t help in being productive at all.

4. Being too dependent on parents

Taking money from parents
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This is the time to really stand on your own feet, and start earning by yourself. Many in US and other parts of the world expect children to go out and find their own self at the age of 18. Before 30, having a steady source of income without asking your parents for support is not only the right but the decent thing to do.

5. Smoking cigarettes

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With the price of cigarettes so cheap, readily available, and its allowance to smoke in public places, this habit is quite common among youngsters in Pakistan. Well, we don’t need to go into details of how harmful this habit truly is, but we’ll stress on how important it is to really flush it out of your system.

6. Those sugary drinks you have with every meal

Loving soda
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This is the time to start looking at other alternatives because the longer you keep drinking these sodas, the more harmful their effects will be- can lead to high sugar levels, even diabetes, gaining excess weight and so on.

7. Same goes with Junk Food

Junk Food
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Those late night binge eating, ordering Mcdonalds, pizza hut, and so on must stop. Pakistani home food is fantastic, and making a regular habit to eat at home will help you in infinite ways.

8. Being lazy, and not exercising

Falling on the floor
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It’s really time to get in shape before your metabolism starts getting slow. Make exercise a regular part of your daily routine. You’ll see the wonders of it as you grow older…

9. Tardiness

Who cares clock
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Being ‘fashionably’ late is sort of a ritual among Pakistanis, but they say punctuality is key to a successful career and future. The more on time you are, the better off you’ll be.

So, which bad habit are you thinking of dropping now?