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9 Reasons Women Don’t Ride Bikes In Pakistan


Have you ever seen women riding bikes in Pakistan? It’s a rare sight, no doubt. Here might be some reasons why women don’t ride bikes around here.

1- All the men be like


Stares. Stares. And more dirty stares.

2- There will be road accidents and traffic jams everywhere


One hot girl on the road and every man would be staring at her.

3- Girls will need an endless supply of Fair ‘n Lovely


4- Hairstyles going bad


The wind and the helmet will not have any mercy on the hairstyle, I bet. And bad hair day is one thing every woman wants to avoid.

5- Mothers be like


6- Fathers be like


7- Husbands/boyfriends be like

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8- Public be like


9- News reporters be like


Before she knows, she will be on camera and all over the headlines.

Of course, that is everything an average woman wants to avoid, right? Would you like to ride a bike in Pakistan? How about we start a movement? 😉