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9 Mouth Watering Lahori Roll Paratha That Are A Must To Try


If you are in Lahore then one of the must, and this is an absolute must, things that have to be tried are the famous Lahore paratha rolls. With so many choices to pick from, your hardest and most difficult decision will be which not to try.

Have a look at some of the top choices. Happy Eating.

1. Cheesy Chicken Cheese Roll

chicken cheese roll

This ‘ohh’ so cheese paratha roll will just melt in your mouth.

2. Yummy Chicken Kebab Roll

Chicken kebab roll

One of the ‘must have’ paratha rolls. Taste the tangy chicken and sauces that create a party in your mouth. Enjoy it with an extra cold shake to make it go down.

3. Oh So Good Chicken Roll Paratha

Chicken paratha roll

For those that just want to taste the chicken then this roll is the one for you. A must have while in Lahore.

4. Delicious Beef Bihari Roll

Beef Bihari Paratha Roll

Not feeling like a chicken roll? Then you must try these amazing Beef Bihari Paratha rolls, you be amazed by the tasty treat.

5. Oh so good Chicken Reshmi Kabab Cheese Roll Paratha

Chicken reshmi kabab cheese

Just like its name: it’s a mouth full of flavor and awesome taste.

6. Yummy Chicken Malai Cheese Roll Paratha

Chicken malai Boti cheese paratha roll

This tasty chicken boti roll is to die for. With spicy sauce and fillings, each bite is like heaven.

7. Tasty Zangy Chicken Tikka Boti Roll Paratha

Chicken Tikka Boti Cheese paratha roll

A zangy taste paratha roll that will keep making you want more.

8. Anda Paratha

anda paratha roll

Looking for a quick morning fix, then this is the paratha roll you want.

9. Spicy Chicken Roll Paratha

Spicy Chicken-Paratha-Rolls-

Set your mouth on flavor overload with one of these, just make sure you have nice cold bottle to drink.

Which roll paratha makes your mouth water more?