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9 Hardcore Real Life Jasoos That Put James Bond To Shame


We’ve all seen the movies about spies and always wondered what real life spies are like. Are they as suave as James Bond or as prone to getting hurt as Jason Bourne? Or all action packed like Ethan Hunt.

Just for your eyes, here are some of those Jasoos – this will self-destruct in – well after you read the post 🙂

1. Melita Norwood

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For 37 years, she stole secrets on the atom bomb from Britain’s atomic research and gave them over to Russia. She was caught at the age of 87, her response to being caught “Oh dear, I thought I had got away with it.”

2. Noor Inayat Khan

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Daughter of an Indian Muslim father, she was born in France. When World War II broke out, Noor and her brother joined the fight. She worked as a spy in Nazi-occupied Paris. Unfortunately, she was caught and was labeled as being ‘highly dangerous’. Noor never broke under interrogation, but the Germans found her notes and were able to locate three other spies. She was eventually executed at Dachau Concentration Camp by the Germans.

3. Margaretha Geertruida aka Mata Hari

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A courtesan and exotic dancer in Paris who spied for Germans during World War I. Her job was to gather intel from Paris by any means and send it to German Military. Mata was caught after the French Intelligence decoded a German transmission that stated their spy was providing excellent Intel. She was executed on September 15, 1917.

4. Giacomo Casanova

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Some would say that Casanova was the original James Bond. He was a spy for the Venetian Inquisitors during the eighteenth century, until 1782. As a  womanizer, he was able to gain various secrets through his various affairs. After leaving the spy business, he became a librarian at Chateaux of Dux in Bohemia.

5. Nathan Hale

nathan hale

Known as the “first American spy”, he posed as a Dutch teacher to gather intelligence on the British during the American Revolution. Nathan’s spying career ended at the age of 21, when he was found by the British.

6. Richard Sorge

Richard Sorge

A man that is known in the spy world for his incredible intelligence gathering skills and creation of spy networks. Richard was a Soviet Spy that posed as a journalist while working in Japan and Germany.

7. Fritz Joubert Duquesne

Fritz Joubert Duquesne
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The man they say that killed Kitchener. Fritz became a German spy in 1914, donned the disguise of a science researcher. Using this deception, he planted bombs on British ships that eventually sunk the ship Kitchener was on in 1961.

8. Aldrich Ames

aldrich ames
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Ames worked for the CIA and became a double agent for the Soviet. Through him 10 CIA agents were killed and he was paid a whopping 4.6 million US dollars for the information he provided to the Soviet Union.

9. Ravindra Kaushik

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An Indian agent that came to Pakistan in 1979. He worked as a military clerk in the Pakistan army until 1983, during which time he passed on valuable information to RAW. He was caught by the ISI in 1983 and died while in jail in 1999.

Do you know of any other spies?