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8 Hilarious Demands and Expectations Of Pakistani Men During ‘Rishta’ Process


We all know Pakistani men can be the world’s best fathers, brothers, and husbands. But sometimes during a rishta process, their demands can touch the sky. Check our list of some of the hilarious expectations put forward during an arranged marriage. We bet Pakistani girls have heard at least one or two in their lifetime!

1. Mama, I want her to be milky white-

Obsession with fair girls
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Umm, firstly, the correct term is fair not white. Secondly, have we forgotten we’re a brown skinned nation? Guess not.

2. She should be tall and skinny- just like a super model

Tall and skinny
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Don’t be impressed by Bollywood movies too much guys- not everyone looks so flawless in real life. Let’s take it down a notch, shall we?

3. She should know how to cook, clean, work, AND cater well to her in-laws – Like Seriously?

Like seriously?
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Alright, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, please. Nobody is a super human being and expecting such demands of women is plain ridiculous.

4. She should wear clothes according to my liking – yeah, right.

Who gon' check me, boo?
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Tch Tch. Like really? As if knowing how to cook, and clean wasn’t enough already.

5. She should be ‘shareef’ – Now, what does that really mean?

She has to be shareef- like really?
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Sometimes we really don’t understand this term- having habits you dislike might not be equivalent to being modest, mind you.

6. More like – she should be religious but does whatever she wants, only with me!

Not impressed
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What happened to religion being a personal matter and having some freedom of their own?

7. And all the ladies be like…

Getting creeped out here 2
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Yes, let’s bring our expectations down because face it- you’re no Salman Khan yourself.

8. And here’s how Zaid Ali perfectly sums it all up in one video: