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The 8 Most Evil And Vicious Female Rulers In History


For some reason, we always talk about the evil men and forget that the evil exists in women too. It will come as a surprise to see women performing such heinous acts of violence. Here are the most vicious females leaders in history.

1. Elizabeth Báthory – The Blood Countess

1. Elizabeth Báthory - The Blood Countess

According to Guinness World Records, Elizabeth Báthory, the countess of Hungary, is the most prolific female serial killer belonging to a noble family. More than 300 people have verified her as a murderer and torturer.

She was rumored to have the classic signs and symptoms of a vampire. For instance, she used to bathe in fresh blood to retain her youth. It is said that she lured over 650 young girls to her castle and killed them brutally.

2. Ranavalona I – The Mad Monarch of Madagascar

2. Ranavalona I - The Mad Monarch of Madagascar

Known as the The Mad Monarch of Madagascar, Ranavalona l ruled the luscious, tropical island located off the south east coast of Africa. During her 33 years reign, she managed to kill 75% of her population.

Ida Pfeiffer, an explorer, said about her, “She is certainly one of the proudest and cruel women on the face of the earth, and her whole history is a record of bloodshed and deeds of horror.”

3. Irma Grese – The Hyena of Auschwitz

3. Irma Grese - The Hyena of Auschwitz

Referred to as the ‘Hyena of Auschwitz’, Irma wasn’t a queen but the 2nd highest ranking female warden at the Nazi concentration camps. She was responsible for more than 30,000 Jewish female prisoners.

She used to let the pack of starving, savage dogs loose on the prisoners, sexually and mentally tortured them, shot them in a whimsical manner and beat them with a coiled whip. Irma Grese was executed at the age of 22, the youngest person to die under the British Law.

4. Isabella I of Castile – The Wicked Queen Of Spain

4. Isabella I of Castile - The Wicked Queen Of Spain

The Spanish queen was Islamophobic who ordered a war to kill and enslave hundreds and thousands of Muslim Moors. Those who couldn’t escape and didn’t convert to Catholicism were savagely tormented to death.

5. Wu Zetian – The Villainous Empress Of China

5. Wu Zetian - The Villainous Empress Of China

You know something is really wrong with person if they kill their own infant daughter. The Chinese empress perfectly fit the role of Snow White’s stepmom. The only female ruler of China in 4000 years, Wu Zetian killed anyone who threatened her rule.

6. Valeria Messalina – The Roman Lolita

6. Valeria Messalina - The Roman Lolita

Valeria Messalina, the wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius and a powerful women of her time, was obsessed with power and money. Ruthless, promiscuous and highly influential, Valeria conspired to murder her husband. Before she could go ahead with her plan, she got caught and was executed at the age of 48.

7.  Agrippina The Younger – The Empress of Poison

7.  Agrippina The Younger - The Empress of Poison

The Roman Emperor Claudius wasn’t really lucky when it came to his love life. After he executed Valeria, he married Agrippna who quickly won his heart and trust. Not only did she persuade Claudius to adopt her son Nero, she also convinced him to make him the next emperor of Rome. Soon Agrippina found the perfect opportunity and poisoned Claudius. The statue depicts the crowning of Nero by Agrippina. Does this remind anyone of Cersei and Joffrey?

 8. Queen Mary I of England – Bloody Mary

 8. Queen Mary I of England - Bloody Mary

Queen Mary was nicknamed Bloody Mary when she killed thousands of Protestants in England. To this date, she is remembered as a bloodthirsty and diabolical tyrant.

Shocked, are you?