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Secrets Revealed – 7 Traits Women Find Physically Attractive In Men


We’ve done what men find physically attractive in women – and it is now time for the women. Physical attractiveness plays a vital role in liking someone and we’ll be honest here with the guys. Okay? We’ve come up with some physical factors that women find attractive in men.

We know there’s a lot more to it and the list is never ending, but here are just a few 😉

1. Good hygiene – No kidding!


Some men really miss out on this. But, hygiene matters. It is one of the most important element. Nicely trimmed nails, a fresh cologne or an after-shave will really make the women get attracted to you.

2. Facial Hair – Beard / Stubble

Facial Hair - Beard / Stubble

Stubble or a light beard is what women love. And, with each passing day, the trend of having a beard is on fire! And for women – it is simply irresistible! And there’s no best way to attract them. A clean shaved face makes you look like a ‘chila hua aloo’. Seriously.

3. Shoulders – Sculpted and Broad

Shoulders - Sculpted and Broad

Women really like sculpted shoulders because they indicate strength and masculinity. Women also tend to feel secure around a man with broad shoulders.

4. Well-dressed – Gotta look dapper!

Well-dressed - Gotta look dapper!

One of the first things a women observes. Yes, a man’s clothes. A good style sense is a big deal! It’s always better for a man to think before he decides what to wear, and not just wear anything that he finds in his closet, like an orange colored shirt with purple jeans?

5. Height – Tall

Height - Tall

Women find height pretty intimidating. Makes them feel more feminine. The acceptable height is usually influenced by a woman’s own height. Just something very appealing!

6. Voice – Deep and Breathy

Voice - Deep and Breathy

Voice is an immediate attractiveness. A tender, deep voice of man definitely lures a woman in. Deep voice sounds warm and confident, but not all voices strike a chord. Deep voice is simply sexy!

7. Good Hair – No Gel / No Oil

Good Hair - No Gel / No Oil

Hair too plays an important role. If you’re one of the guys who just hoards bottles of oil and gel, it’s time to STOP! No women likes hardened hair like a hedgehog’s, or smelly, sticky, oily hair. Keep it nicely trimmed and natural as possible.

Do the ladies here agree with these? What is it that you find attractive? 😉