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These 7 Hideous Lollywood Songs Will Surely Make You Cringe!


We all know how Pakistan’s film industry has refined over the past few years, which is hard to believe! But, glad to have the good days back. We would never really wish to have those dark days back again!

But, we did compile a list of songs from ‘those’ days to bring a smile on your face.. well, not JUST a smile – You’ll definitely have a laughing fit!


1. Your eyes will bleed after watching this..

2. The staring game is on point..

3. When love takes over your mind and soul..

4. OMG! Was he actually wiping his hands with Laila’s dupatta at 3:04 ??

5. You need killer steps to learn how to dance like a pro! Here’s how you should..

6. The footwork in this is absolutely brilliant!

7. When ‘bae’ is way too naraz.. Nothing seems to work!

Are your ears crying in pain from these hideous Lollywood songs? Go ahead and tag your friends, so they can go through the torture as well. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused 😉