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6 Yaadien – Flashback to School Years


Remember the years you spent in school? The friends you made?The goofing off and jokes? Those are probably the best memories that you hold on to and think about.

It’s those funny moments, spent in class and school that we will recall, on some late far off evening when we are reminiscing about what it was like to be young and carefree.

The jokes, the fights, the stress and the studying and must importantly the people.

Let’s walk down memory lane and see what comes up.

1. In class bus service

Cat’s out, and the mice will play. These kids are taking working in a group to a whole new level. Passengers on board, time to take a ride on the boring class buster ride.

2. School Fights

Fight! Fight! We’ve all seen them, and maybe, just maybe even encouraged them. School fights, where ever one would stand around watching to see what would happen next. Will this be just a shouting match or will they ‘go the mat’s’?

3. Going to class  vs. writing an exam

Remember that feeling, when sitting in class, it felt like hours. The never ending lessons, going on and on. And then when you sat down to write an exam. It felt like time was up in a blink of an eye.

4. During the exam

Remember writing your exams and would notice all the different types of people. You saw the ‘goodie two shoes’. Then you noticed the cheaters and those that were just guessing at the answers. Don’t you miss taking exams 🙂

5. Failing exams

When you went to class, and the teacher announced, I have the test results, and you would start panicking. OMG! I better have passed, but sometimes your prayers went unheard.

6. Result day

The one day of the school year that you dreaded and that can never ever be forgotten. The sorrow and the pain, of ‘Result day’.

What are some of your fondest memories of school? Did you ever do anything daring or exciting that remains ‘the best memory’?