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5 Reasons Why Android Users Should Feel More Awesome Than IPhone Users




People find it baffling at times about whether they should keep using Android smartphone or should they go for their direct competitors, IOS. Here are the reasons why we think that Android User’s should never feel dull about their smartphone platform.


More Apps:




According to a recent research, Android has 17% more apps available compared to IOS, and that’s not all, which include 57% free apps, which is more than double of what IOS users get. Android smartphone will also let you install 3rd party application, from which you can download apps from the Internet on to your computer and then transfer it to your smartphone for free. Its a win win business for all the Android users.


More Customization:



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Android gives its user’s more options to customize their smartphone, the way they like. You can install a lot of different launcher’s, which will give you options to install different themes with different icon sets and different keyboard themes, and most of them are for free, unlike IOS. So Apple users, feel jealous please !!!. We can have your theme with your icon set, & guess what, all of that for FREE !!


More Brand Options:



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Android users have a variety of brands to choose from, like Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, etc. and many more, which is an added bonus, unlike IOS users. So if you are not a loyal brand supporter, Android is the way to go for you.





With all different brands available, users have a choice to get a cheaper smartphone, unlike IOS, which suit people in a country like Pakistan specially. Users can get a smartphone with full options starting from anywhere between 10,000 PKR up to 90 k and beyond with different screen size, so you can choose whatever suits best in your hand.


Better Battery Performance:




IPhone‘s one drawback is its battery performance, and if you are a fan of better battery performance than you should switch to Android. Smart phones of different brands have a battery performance that can go up to 1 day or beyond with medium to heavy usage, unlike IPhone, where you are always nervous about how long the battery will last. IPhone 6 have a battery of 1,810 mAH, which is considerably smaller than the like of Samsung Galaxy S5, who have a battery of 2,800 mAh.