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25 Of The Funniest Pictures Of Cats In Awkward Places


If you have cats, then you know that cats are lazy, curious as anything, obstinate, think they are your masters, but they are soooo cute!! They want to explore every nook, cranny, box, drawer, shoe… and the list goes on and on… Whenever my cat disappears, I have no clue where to look for her. The lazy queens of the world are incredible gymnasts and can sleep at anytime, anywhere they damn well please!


1. Cup of relaxation

cup ofhuffington post

2. Just hangin’

just hanginjustsomething


3. Nothing is more relaxing than this shoe

shoe catearthporm


4. I’m not here

not herehowdolike


5. Leme be your tea, pretty please..


6. CD?



7. The dog is my blanket!



8. Cardboard boxes are like so mysterious.. have.. to.. explore..



9. Catfrigertor

cat refrigertorblogspot


10. It’s not gonna rain anytime soon, I can tell

not rainfacebook


11. Let’s play some pool

pool tablehuffpost


12. Burger Cat

burger catimgur


13. Behroop



14. Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance to grow up once again

grow up once againpinterest


15. Punishing myself cuz I have been a bad kitty!

headstand timepinterest


16. Ninja-Cat

ninja catearthporm

17. Look at me..

lcd screendistractify


18. I’m so cool you should make copies



19. Pick me, pick me

cat bottlejoyreactor


20. Yo! When this ride gonna start?

ride startpinterest


 21. Really?!



22. Seventh heaven nap

seventh heaven napwinkgo


23. State-of-the-art door stopper



24. Bookmark?



25. Didn’t I mention they like boxes…

25 catimgur


Bonus cuz its just so damn cute!

bonus catpandawhale