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21 Hilariously Weird Things that Happen Only In Pakistan


We love Pakistan with all its craziness. Here are some crazy things you will find Only In Pakistan. Have a good laugh!

1- Now, that’s really tactical


Pakwheels/ Pakwheels.com

If we can carry a deep freezer on a bike, this one is well… just tactical.

2- When there is no space in the vehicle…

Shakabaka/ Shakabaka.com

No vehicle is ever small for us. The above is just an example.

3- Marketing at its best

Funny Pics/ Photobucket.com

This furniture is unbreakable. See the above demo.

4- Social media taken to the next level

9Gag/ 9gag.pk

Have you tried Twitter biscuits yet. They pair amazingly with chai.

5- Because donkeys are too mainstream

Tumblr/ Tumblr.com

“I wish I could have a pet zebra.”

“But donkeys are like zebras!”

6- Follow the advice. Whatever it’s saying

Tumblr/ Tumblr.com

I think I get an idea of what they are trying to say. hmm… Good advice…

7- Never bought new clothes!

Tumblr/ Tumblr.com

Think positive: we are just conserving the environment. We use our resources wisely.

8- Smoking huqqa like a boss

Tumblr/ Tumblr.com

He certainly knows what he is doing!

9- Nobody messes with my bike


If you gotta take my bike, you gotta take me too!

10- This poetry deserves an award


If you know what I mean!

11- Excuse me, my donkey’s out of gas!


Oh yes, my donkey lives on gas. There is a gas cylinder inside it. Food was getting expensive so I cut the donkey’s stomach and put in a cylinder inside. Of course, it’s still living! It’s a Pakistani donkey!

12- “Which one is for the ladies, please?”

Only in Pakistan/Facebook.com

You need to figure it out yourself. It’s Pakistan, dude! What were you thinking?

13- It’s a warning, I am serious!

Only in Pakistan/Facebook.com

Don’t ever knock that door if you want to get married or stay married!

14- Oh, my shoes were bleeding right now!

Only in Pakistan/Facebook.com

It makes sense, all right!

15- Yes! I always knew Bieber was a girl!

Only in Pakistan/Facebook.com

They just confirmed all our doubts!

16- Jaylous not!

Only in Pakistan/Facebook.com

Were you getting jealous? You were, admit it!

17- Now, that’s scary!

Only in Pakistan/Facebook.com

OMG, don’t even come near it! It’s a dangerous zone!

18- Meanwhile in Pakistan

Only in Pakistan/Facebook.com

These are transgender bakras. Both pink and blue!

19- OK, I didn’t know there were so many kinds of circumcisions available for choice. Has anyone tried the Egyptian one?

Only in Pakistan/Facebook.com

Will the Egyptian one make me an Egyptian? I have heard Egyptians are beautiful.

20- Meanwhile somewhere in Peshawar

Only in Pakistan/Facebook.com

Does Afridi have boobs? No, probably boom boobs?

21- That chick is single, guaranteed!

Only in Pakistan/Facebook.com

Don’t get any wrong ideas. It just means it’s a fresh chick.

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