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19 Kinds Of Morons We Run Into On A Daily Basis


As we go about our lives, we come across some interesting characters. Some are outgoing, some are shy, others are outspoken, while some are just a different creed altogether. Such people wherever they are, always stand out. These people have been called by many names through the ages. In recent times, we lovingly refer to them as morons or chawals. Here are some morons we come across in our daily lives.

1. The Inappropriate Selfie Guy

The Inappropriate Selfie Guy
Scoop Whoop

2. The Body-Builder

The Body-Builder
Daily Pakistan / dailypakistan.com.pk

3. “Gori Doctor Bahu” Aunty

“Gori Doctor Bahu” Aunty
Ludoo Productions & Network 54

4. The Gossiper

The Gossiper
MTV / mtv.com

5. Taaru Maaru

Taaru Maaru
Tumblr / tumblr.com

6. The “Akh thuuu ray” Guy

The "Akh thuuu ray" Guy
Indian Express / indianexpress.com

7. The Long Distance Screamer

The Long Distance Screamer
Dreamstime / dreamstime.com

8. The “I’m so cool, I wear sunglasses indoors” Guy

The “I’m so cool, I wear sunglasses indoors” Guy
New Fashion Lay / newfashionlay.blogspot.com

9. The Hand-Holding Guys

The Hand-Holding Guys
Mangobaaz / idiots.com

10. The Too Much Information Guy

The Too Much Information Guy

11. The “Will you do Fraandship with me” Guy

The “Will you do Fraandship with me” Guy
Buzzfeed / buzzfeed.com

12. The Pseudo-Liberal

The Pseudo-Liberal
Politically Incorret / 4plebs.org

13. The Brand

The Brand
Scoop Whoop / scoopwhoop.com

14. The Devdas

The Devdas

15. The Khandaan Name-dropper

The Khandaan Name-dropper

16. The “Lambi Daari, I’m holier than thou” Guy

The “Lambi Daari, I’m holier than thou” Guy
Potato Greens / potatogreens.blogspot.com

17. The FB Attention Seeker

The FB Attention Seeker

18. The Jahaaz Philosopher

The Jahaaz Philosopher

19. The Conspiracy Theorist

The Conspiracy Theorist
Health TV / htv.com.pk
zionist pigs

We are surrounded by these morons who make us want to tear our hair out! Do you know any such chawals?