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17 Tremendous Views Of Shahi Qila – Lahore Fort


This stunning citadel situated in the heart of Punjab is said to be about 410 years old and historians say that the base structure was completed in 1605. Built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar originally, as Emperor’s changed, more things were made within the fort.

Whether it was constructed by the Mughal Emporer or the Sikh Maharaja’s that once reigned over the Lahore fort, all the buildings are being preserved, to keep history alive.

Let’s take a walk through the amazing Lahore Fort:

1. A stunning picture of the fort from 1864 – two hundred years after being built

photo from 1864

 2. A view of the fort from the northwest corner – a massive structure that has stood for over four hundred years

north west corner

3. Jahangir’s Quadrangle – his bedchamber along with the royal ladies quarters – which included his harem. The gardens surround it are known as Chahar Bagh

charhar bagh

4. The Diwan-e-Aam beautifully set in the Shahi Qila – built in 1628 by Shah Jahan

diwan e aam

5. Sensational view of the Badshahi Mosque from the balcony of Lahore Fort

sensational view of the mosque

6. Beautifully constructed halls of the Qila

halls of the qila

7. The magnificent Palace of Mirrors – Sheesh Mahal – built in 1631 by Shah Jahan this is where he kept his harem

palace of mirrors
Kiran Palwasha/blogspot.com

8. The walls of the Palace of Mirrors

walls of sheesh mahal

9. Hazoori Bagh – talk a walk back through time and see how the Mughals lived


10. The buildings that have stood for over four centuries remain sturdy after all this time

old structures inside the fort
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11. A magnificent view of the fort at night – with lights to accentuate the Mughal era design

fort at night

12. The tomb of the National Poet of Pakistan – Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal


13. Even after 410 years this fort is still mesmerizing that it can leave you speechless when you behold it

still mesmirizing
Hum Hain Pakistan/blogspot.com

15. This impressive gate is known as the Alamgiri Gate

alamgiri gate at the qila

16. Akbari Gate of Shahi Qila


17. The dazzling halls – inside the majestic Lahore Fort

inside the lahore fort

Truly a magnificent place to visit.