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17 Amusing Pictures That Will Make Any Pakistani Laugh


Growing up in a Pakistani household has its pros and cons. On one hand, you are being force fed delicious food, and on the other hand, you have no privacy.

No matter in which city we live, all of us go through the similar, slightly crazy and bizarre things. Every Pakistani will be able to relate to the following pictures.

P.S. If a friend of yours is feeling bleak and down, show them one of the following pictures and they will be giggling in no time.

1. This scary reinvention of Dell computers.

2. When Voldemort’s dadi finally took his class.

3. On Eid, when all the girls become mehndi experts.

4. The endless implications of Acha.

5. When rickshaw wala is clearly ignoring you.

6. When cows don’t appreciate the existence of humans on bakra eid.

7. Admit it. One of your favorite shirts has become the next ‘pocha’ of the house.

THE WORST THING EVER <#desi #desiproblems #pocha #desimothers>

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8. When your mom wants to cover the ‘new’ sofa with the bed sheet. It remains there for two decades.

9. There is no such thing as ‘backpacking trips’ in Pakistan.

10. Focus on the shoes, the shoes!

11. That one chair that acts as a cupboard as well.

12. The struggle is real!

13. The secret ingredient to make your shampoo last for another month!

14. That mini heart attack when you arrive home to this scene!

15. You know that aunty that no one likes to talk to.

always so many family politics ?? <#desi #desiproblems #khandaan>

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16. Vicks, Powder, Tibet Cream and Petroleum Jelly – The solution to all your problems.

17. Let’s not forget that horrible brown drink.

JOSHANDA IS SO NASTY lmao #desi #desiproblems #desiparents #joshanda

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Can you relate to any of these? Did you giggle at least once? No? Okay.