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16 Unique Side Effects Of Being A Pakistani Girl


Carrying hot sauce everywhere? Running from the sun? And avoiding your grandma’s intimidating questions about when you will get married? Does this sound too familiar to you? You must be a Pakistani girl.

Here are 16 unique side effects of being a Pakistani girl, some good and some bad.

1. You cannot travel the world without carrying a bottle of hot sauce or anything spicy to add in your food

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The biggest problem when travelling abroad is the food you get, which is never as spicy as you like it. So, you have to carry a bottle of hot sauce to make the food edible.

2. And at home, no level of spice can be too much for you

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When buying peri-peri sauce, you choose the extra hot flavor and you always sprinkle fresh green chilies on your food to make it spicier than it is.

3. You have zero tolerance towards body hair, which means beauty parlors are always crowded

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You have a scheduled visit to the parlor every Saturday to get your eyebrows and upper lips done.

4. You have been taught to fear the sun because dark skin is “UNACCEPTABLE”

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Talk about walking on the beach? It’s not what Pakistani girls do. In fact, they run for the shade and stay out of the sun. Because our grandma would disown us if our skin got darker.

5. Talking of dark skin, you have tried a hundred “totkas” for getting fairer

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Multani mud? Almond and milk mask? How about applying egg whites on the face? We have tried it all!

6. Since you are always expected to look fair, using a bronzer is completely out of the question

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We know that pretty glow on Kate Middleton’s face on her wedding day was because of the bronzer she used. But being a Pakistani girl, you can’t use it for the fear of: “itni dull kiun lag rahi ho?”

7. Your grandma keeps asking “koi rishta aya?”

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The moment you enter the world in a hospital room is when your parents and grandparents started dreaming about your wedding. Which means by the time you are 25, your grandma is constantly asking about any new proposals.

8. And talking about that, since the day you were born, you only get one prayer “Allah Naseeb achay karay”

Naseeb achay Karay
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Since the day you were born and all the way through adulthood, whomever you meet gives you only one prayer, “Allah Naseeb achay karay” a.k.a “May Allah give you a rich, handsome, and loving husband and keep you happy after marriage.”

9. You often meet a relative who greets you but you have no idea who he/she is because you have way too many of them

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Your mom expects you to be friendly with all your relatives but how can you be friendly if you don’t even know how you both are connected.

10. You can’t leave the house without going over all your parent’s rules

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Your parents have a hundred rules about how you should leave the house, when you should return, what is allowed and what is not.

11. And talking about going out, you can’t wear just anything you like when going out in public

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I know you girls feel really hot in summer and wish you could wear comfy shorts and a sleeveless top when going out in the day but no, that’s simply not acceptable!

12. Your day cannot be complete without watching a good drama on television

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Evenings mean sitting in front of the television watching one drama after another and then discussing the story with your family.

13. You cannot buy anything without bargaining

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The art of bargaining is in our genes. Every Pakistani girl knows how to convince the seller to bring the price down by at least 50%.

14. You keep your extended family on limited profile so they wouldn’t know you are not as seedhi saadhi as they think you are

Seedhi Saddhi
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Your family has very high standards of how girls should be. And of course, you don’t fulfill their criteria so to disguise your real self, you keep them on limited profile.

15. There must be something seriously wrong going on in your system because of all the chai you drink

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Tea keeps you alive; tea helps you live. But since it’s loaded with caffeine, it must be causing some serious damage to your system.

16. But at the end of the day, you are really proud of your desi self

desi self
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In the end, you are really proud of your desi self and wouldn’t trade your desi life with anything else in the world.


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