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16 Ridiculously Stupid Ways To Die


The best I can hope for is to die of old age peacefully in my sleep. Death is morbid. Death is not supposed to make us laugh. The grim reaper is not known for his sense of humor. But these people somehow found a way to die which had the Reaper chuckling all the way to purgatory.

1. Bitten by a Dead Enemy’s Decapitated Head

Bitten by a Dead Enemy's Decapitated Head
The List Cafe / thelistcafe.com

There was once a mighty Viking called Sigurd. He had a beef with Mael Brigte who he killed and decapitated. He put the head of his fallen foe on his horse’s saddle as a trophy. The teeth bit his leg (alright… they grazed him by accident) as he rode back towards his castle to celebrate. Sigurd died of infection within the week.

2. Eaten by a Pig

Eaten like a Pig

A farmer in Oregon, USA went to give his pigs something to eat. They ate him instead! All that was found at the scene of the buffet were his dentures. It’s fair to say, the pigs ate like pigs!

3. Drowning in Alcohol

beer flood
Alfred’s Blog / us.yahoo.com/blogs/author/alfred-I

The infamous incident called the London Beer Flood saw 8 people drown in England’s finest brew. It is a shame that almost 1.5 liters of beer went to waste that day. But at-least someone died happy and drunk.

4. The Comedian Killed It

The Comedian Killed It

Martin of Aragon had a lot going for him. A beautiful Queen, the love of food and a whole kingdom. One day, as he had just eaten an entire goose, his court joker made a joke that killed him. Why? How? Laughed and choked on the goose!

5. Death by monkey

Death by monkey

Alexander of Greece, the King of Greece in the early 20th century was a great man. As Alex was taking a walk on his estate with his dog, his dog attacked a monkey. Naturally Alex tried to help his dog. Unfortunately, the monkey had backup. Alex was bit by another monkey and he died within weeks.

6. Playing Games

Playing Games
Asia One / yourhealth.asiaone.com

A South Korean man played Star Craft for 50 hours straight. He died of dehydration, lack of sleep and heart failure. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But too much play can kill.

7. Grilled by the Nurse

Grilled by the Nurse
Johan Oosterman / tumblr.com

King Charles II of Navarre was suffering from a terrible disease. The doctor ordered him to be covered in brandy and wrapped in linen. The nurse, unfortunately, thought it would be a good idea to burn off the last thread instead of cutting it. And yes, the King caught on fire and was forever more known as the Grilled King.

8. Kissing the moon

kissing the moon

In 763, a poet, Li Bai, famous for his work Alone and Drinking Under the Moon went sailing. He saw the clear reflection of the moon in the water, tried to kiss it, fell overboard and drowned. Alone and drunk under the moon indeed.

9. Death by Selfie


A 19 year old kid from Houston Texas killed himself after trying to take a selfie while holding a gun to his head. The gangsta life isn’t for everyone, now is it? This guy’s doing it right though 😉

10. Death by Misunderstanding

Death by misunderstanding

Napoleon had a bad cough and told his officers about it. He said ‘Ma sacre toux’, meaning ‘My damn cough’. Unfortunately, his officers heard ‘Massacre-tous’. They executed 1,000 prisoners the next day.

11. Killed by Sheep

killed by sheep
Meicailya / deviantart.com

In 1999, a 67 year old woman in Durham, England, bought over some hay for her sheep on her motorcycle. As she got off, the sheep, as hungry and playful as they are, rushed over and knocked the woman into a ravine. The fall didn’t kill her, but the motorcycle that followed did.

12. Holding the Pee

Holding the pee

Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe is a legend in death as he was in life. He was a gentleman and died due to his noble upbringing which didn’t allow him to excuse himself while in the middle of dinner. He held on for too long and died of infection.

13. Murdered by a Rooster

death by rooster

West Bengal, 2011, a cockfighting rooster turned on its master and slit his throat with razor blades attached to its talons. Apparently, the rooster was looking for a little “me” time after having just won a fight while its owner wanted it to fight one more time.

14. Flying Cows

flying cows

A cow fell through the roof of a house onto a 45-year-old man in Brazil. The man was crushed. Fortunately, the cow was unharmed.

15. Tennis Ball to the Balls

tennis ball to the balls

Coincidentally named Dick, Wertheim was performing his duties as a linesman in a tennis match during the 1983 US Open. He was struck in his groin by a sharp serve. Died within the week.

16. Atomic Wedgie

Atomic Wedgie

In 2014, Denver St. Clair was found dead with the waistband of his underwear stretched all the way up over his head and wrapped around his neck. Now, that is the mother of all wedgies!

These 16 weird deaths show us that death can come at anytime through any means. All we can do is pray that we don’t embarrass ourselves in death. Nobody wants that.