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16 Images Of The Eerie Beauty Of Makli Hill


Not afraid of ghosts are you? Would you ever consider spending a night in a graveyard? No? We didn’t think so either, better to visit them during the day. One graveyard that is a must see during daylight hours is Makli Hill.

Makli Hill is the largest graveyard in Pakistan and by some to be considered the largest ancient burial ground in the world. It is the final resting place, to rulers, warriors, locals and over 125,000 Sufis.

Located near the Sindh city of Thatta, on a hill is the burial ground that holds the history of four Muslim regimes. With tombs that date back to as far as the 13th or 14th century. The artwork and the craftsmanship of the tombs and mausoleums built in Makli Hills are stunning. They are a testament to Mughal architecture, with finite detail given to the etchings on the sides of the gravestones, the work is simply stunning. The calligraphy on some of the tombs is beyond belief due to isn’t intricate work, detail finesse and beauty, evidence of unbelievable talent that existed in that time.

Take a look at the eerie beauty of Makli Hills. We promise we won’t ask you to spend the night 🙂

1. The grandeur of the Sufi Tombs

grandeur of makli hills
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 2. Silent dwellers of Makli hills

silent dwellers of makli hills
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3. The serene tomb of Prince Sultan Ibrahim bin Mirza Muhammad Isa Tarkhan

sultun's tomb
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4. The stone maqbara of Daya Khan Rahu


5. The majestic tomb of Mirza Isa Khan Turkhan

Tomb of Mirza Isa Khan Turkhan

6. The daunting tomb of Jam Nido

tomb of jam nido
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7. Gravestones that mark the four Muslim dynasties that reigned over the area

muslim dynasty gravestones
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8. The graves of the Samma Kings – The detail on the tombstone is amazing

samma kings

9. The intricate work on the tombs is beyond belief

intricate work on the tombs
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10. The view from above a mausoleum

mausoleum view from above

11. A view of Jam Nido tomb from outside

jam nido tomb from outside
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12. An up close view of the calligraphy on a tomb – with such elegance has a Quranic verse been etched into stone

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13. Graves of warriors were marked with weapons such as daggers and swords

graves of warriors
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14. Tombs belonging to females were decorated with images of the moon, star or jewelry

female graves
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15. Older tombs at Malki Hills

older tombs at malki hills

16. The silent city of graves

the city of graves

Would you consider spending a night in this graveyard? Maybe just a day trip than 🙂