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14 Times Pakistanis Showed That They Are Masters Of Photoshop


The thing about Pakistanis is that we¬†are very proud. We hold our heads high and don’t really care what anyone says about us. Our confidence is unnerving, which is a good thing. The people on this list are masters of Photoshop. Their work is so good that it will blow your mind!

1. Gujjar and girlfriend

Gujjar with girlfirend
Safcom Club

I think that this picture was not taken in an airport at all. Zubair Gujjar, you Photoshop genius you!

2. Which one is real?

Which one is real?
dose of me

Saba should really stop trying to Photoshop herself into other people’s pictures. I feel for poor Sajal.

3. Six pack

Six pack

I like!

4. Chillin’ in San Andreas

Chillin' in San Andreas

They have 1 wanted-star. Hardly seems possible that they are roaming the streets with no police after them.

5. Friendship ended like a boss

Friendship ended like a boss
Daily Pakistan

I feel bad for poor Salman. Mudasir, you’ve been warned.

6. Even Pakistan Navy is in the act

Even Pakistan Navy is in the act
K2P Blog

There is nothing wrong with this picture. The officer in the background is just invisible below the waist.

7. Khan’s Honda

Khan's Honda
dose of me

The police car on the track makes no sense. Photoshop!

8. Just riding the waves

Just riding the waves
Express Tribune

He’s taking floating to a whole new level.

9. This is the UAE

This is the UAE

And we don’t lose in the UAE.

10. Sorry girls, first car then you

Sorry girls first car then you

Is it really possible that Abdullah loves his car more than women? I think he is lying.

11. Can’t see it

Can't see it

I can’t quite see it, but people tell me this is photoshopped. Please comment and let us know.

12. Stylin’ and Profilin’ Gujjar

Stylin' and Profilin' Gujjar
dose of me

Seems legit!

13. Kajol loves Saeen

Kajol loves Saeen

No one can resist the charms of a Saeen.

14. Lion killer just killed me

Lion killer just killed me
Professor Haseeb / memecenter.com

That’s a double whammy. Mad photoshop and English skills.