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15 Things Pakistani Husbands Do That Irritate the Crap Out Of Their Wives


Husbands can be the most adorable, annoying creatures ever made. Just don’t doubt their love, as they love their wives TOO MUCH.

Here are some things Pakistani husbands do that irritate the hell out of their wives. And it’s not just in Pakistan – it’s a universal problem.

1. When he empties the entire closet trying to find one particular shirt and then tosses everything back in

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They are so unorganized, they disapprove when we organize their stuff and clean up all the mess. They just like it messy.

2. He keeps his phone on silent but NEVER changes the profile setting

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OK, we know you guys have to keep the phone on silent when going to the mosque or when attending meetings but there is an option that allows you to change the profile once you are free. Seriously, it takes only a few seconds to change the profile from Silent to General.

3. He NEVER keeps his things at their places and then asks you to look for them

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Every morning begins with a myriad of questions like “where are my keys?”, “where is my mobile?” and “have you seen my charger?” They can’t seem to locate anything by themselves.

4. He keeps saying “Chalo” when you call him for dinner but doesn’t move until at least 30 minutes later

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They tell you they are very hungry and want dinner immediately but while you are setting the table, they get glued in front of the TV and won’t come to the table until you literally beg them.

5. And then, complain that the dinner is cold

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And of course, the dinner gets cold by then and they very humbly ask you to reheat it. Thanks to the person who invented microwave oven; I don’t know what I would have done without it.

6. When the entire family is having dinner together and he starts his commentary on the food…

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The most annoying thing ever is when he blurts out some negative comment on the food in front of the mother-in-law.

7. His idea of spending the weekend is this: resting 48 hours while lying down on the couch and watching endless games of cricket

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Oh yes, the weekend is all about RESTING!

8. He needs constant reminders of obvious things or else he will forget them

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Sitting on the toilet in the dark every night is not reminder enough that the bulb needs to be replaced. You need to verbally remind them a thousand times if you want something done.

9. He plays the plumber and electrician when you tell him something needs repairing and ends up causing more problems

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Given the number of times you guys have caused more breakages and leakages, is it still not clear that you are neither a plumber nor an electrician?

10. He pretends he is listening to you but when you ask him a question, he is like, Ahhh???

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He keeps saying uh-huh every few minutes to show he is really listening to you but ask him a question about what you were saying and he would be like, “huh?”

11. He has no idea how to get to somewhere but would NEVER ask for directions

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You are always late wherever you go every time because they just won’t ask for directions. Asking for directions is like: “izzat ka sawal hai!”

12. He keeps his dirty teacups in all the hidden corners in your home for you to find them in the morning

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You never get a good start in the morning because you have to clean the mess your husband left at night.

13. He NEVER wakes up to the alarm he kept himself

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When he keeps an alarm, he expects YOU to wake up and get him out of the bed.

14. He takes the comforter all with him when sleeping

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They have the habit of stuffing the comforter between their knees when sleeping. And then they roll over, taking it all with them, leaving you cold and shivering and begging for a little bit shelter in the middle of the night.

15. Last of all, he doesn’t realize how Blessed he is to have you

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He doesn’t count his blessings and doesn’t realize how lucky he is to have you.

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