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15 Sensational Songs That Will Awaken Your Patriotic Spirit


It all started from one simple picture that was posted on the Facebook page of Humans of New York. A man said, he calls Radio Pakistan, requests a song and dances to his hearts delight.

This year let’s see how patriotic you can be and join the #LetsDanceForPakistan event. It doesn’t matter where you are or how you dance, you only have to show how much you love your country. It’s real simple.

So pick a song, dance your heart out, record it and send via any social media with a tag #LetsDanceForPakistan.

In no particular order, here’s a list of songs that Shughal recommends that you dance to this August 14.

1. Vital Signs – An all time favourite – Dil Dil Pakistan

2. Awaz – Aye Jawan

3. Heather singing Pakistani National song

4. Junoon – Hai Jazba Junoon

5. Strings – Hai Koi Ham Jaisa

6. Strings – Haroon – Junaid Jamshed – Tu Hai Kahan

7. Ali Azmat – Jazba n Josh -e- Junoon

8. Faakhir – Jaan Pe Bhi Khelain Gay

9. Faakhir – Dil Na Lage

10. Haroon – Dil Se

11. Junaid Khan and Hassan Omer – Who Rules The World

12. Vital Signs – Hum Hai Pakistani

13. Pakistan Pakistan – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

14. Medley of National Songs – Oldies are gold

15. Dil Dil Pakistan – remix

So get your groove on August 14 and show your love for Pakistan. Shughal will. Pakistan Zindabad! #LetsDanceForPakistan

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