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15 Sensational Images Of The Men At Sea: The Royal Pakistan Navy


The Royal Pakistan Navy came into being on August 14, 1947. They have protected Pakistan’s marine interests and its coastline with vigor and bravery.

September 8 is Navy Day, a day that coincides with their victory during the 1965 war. It’s a day on which we pay tribute to our heroes at Sea.

Have a look at the awesomeness of our stunning Navy:

1. The Boys in Blue – Special Service Group (SSG) of the Navy

ssg navy

2. Stunning female cadets


3. Marine in crisp white uniforms in front of an F-22-P ship – amazing

Pak Armed Forces

4. View from the deck of a Naval Ship

naval deck

5. It takes a lot of good men to ensure this Type 21 Frigate runs smoothly – Wow

entire crew
Tafreh Mella

6. The PNS Ghazi – It ensured that Operation on Dwarka could be completed

pns ghazi
Pakistan Affairs

7. Entering Russian Port on F-22P PNS Aslat Frigate – Dressed to impress 🙂

entiring port
Pakistan Commandos/blogspot.com

8. A historical moment – Quaid visiting the newly formed Royal Pakistan Navy

quaid visiting the navy
Pak Navy

9. Marines – Soldiers of the Sea

Marines - Soldiers at Sea

10. Naval Cadets – they aim to impress on Naval Day

Pakistani navy cadets

11. Pakistan’s Naval ships at sea – PNS-Shahjahan-Tippi-Sultan

naval ships
Pak Armed Forces

12. Sunset at the dockyards – stunning

sunset at the dockyards
Pak Armed Forces

13. Naval Passing out parade

Pak Armed Forces

14. The stunning PNS Tipu-Sultan in harbour

Pak Soldiers

15. The words of Quaid-E-Azam – Thank you Pakistan Navy – Pakistan is proud of you too 🙂

quaid e azam's words
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We thank the brave men in blue who serve Pakistan and its people on the high seas with bravery and fortitude. Thank you, Royal Pakistan Navy.