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15 Pictures From Pakistan That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


We often talk about Pakistan and how humanity is dying in the country. Rich people rule and the poor suffer. However, that’s only how the picture is painted. If you look closer, you will see many sights like the ones shown below that will restore your faith in humanity in Pakistan.

1. Salute to that Rickshaw driver

Salute to the Rickshaw driver

Rich people giving out charity to the poor is a common sight to see. But how often do you see a poor rickshaw driver offering free transport to the sick and needy?

2. Some simple things lead to a big change…

Simple things
Media Section/mediasection.wordpress.com

These young people took charge of cleaning the streets and gathered with their brooms. If we all did simple things like these, nothing can stop us from building a new Pakistan we all so dream of.

3. He is ACTUALLY building a new Pakistan…

He is ACTUALLY building a new Pakistan…
Centre Line/centreline.com.pk

When everyone was busy shouting slogans for a new Pakistan, this man, Tariq Khan, collected garbage from the venue of the history’s longest sit-in in the federal capital of Pakistan. “Someone is talking about old Pakistan, someone is trying to break and remake it, but I want to make it a healthy neat and clean country.” This is what he said. A true hero, no doubt.


 4. The greatest living Pakistani


We cannot talk about the good people in Pakistan without including Abdul Sattar Edhi in the list. He is truly the greatest living Pakistani. In this picture he collects donations on the road on a wheel chair.

5. He is the real hero of every child…

Abdul Sattar Edhi
Seniors World Chronicle/seniorsworldchronicle.com

He is truly a real-life hero for everyone including children.


6. We unite to support our fellow Pakistanis in need…

We Unite together
Yes Programs/yesprograms.org

Whenever a natural disaster hits the country, people across the nation come together to provide whatever support they can to the unfortunate.


7. Even the poor people can fast in Ramadhan without worrying about Iftar


This man is arranging bowls of Iftar meals donated by an Islamic Institution for the needy and poor. When you have such good people out there, even the poor can fast without worrying about Iftar.


8. And they even take care of Passengers during Ramadan…

Native Pakistan/nativepakistan.com

You don’t need to worry about breaking the fast if you are still on the road or stuck in traffic even after maghrib. There are plenty people out there who will give you free goodies to break your fast.

9. All she needs is a glass of safe, drinking water

All she needs is a glass of safe, drinking water
Global Giving/globalgiving.com

People may complain about the shortage of safe, drinking water in Pakistan. However, if you look closer, you will find many ‘sabeels’ that offer clean water to everyone.

10. Shout out to that brave person

The Guardian/theguardian.com

He may look like an ordinary civilian but he is actually a very brave and kind man working with the rescue workers to help the injured out.

11. The literacy rate cannot stay low when we have people like him…

The literacy rate cannot stay low when we have people like him…
Wonders of Pakistan/wondersofpakistan.com

This soldier is too generous – he is giving the most precious thing of all, his time, to teach the underprivileged children in Pakistan.


12. An act of bravery and a show of great strength

An act of bravery and a show of great strength
CTV news/ctvnews.ca

We often see army personnel helping the victims and the needy. However, when you witness ordinary civilians displaying a show of great strength, it really touches the heart and moves one to tears.

13. A rather common sight to see…

A rather common sight to see…
Huffington Post/huffingtonpost.com

Not only charity institutes but even small, local restaurants offer 3 meals a day for the needy and poor.


14. Even people like him exist…

Even people like him exist…
Rashid Blogspot/blogspot.com

There are even people who don’t take advantage of their authority.


15. They only wanted to bring a smile on their faces…

They only wanted to bring a smile on their faces…
Salvation Army/salvationarmy.org.au

Underprivileged children are given cakes and goodies, just to bring a smile on their faces.


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