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15 Mystical Images Of Katas Raj Temple


One of the most sacred places for Hindu’s is the Katas Raj Temple, located in Kallar Kahar. Legends say that the Katas Raj Temple was built during the days of Mahabharata. That Krishna himself was the one to lay the foundations for the temple.

Researchers, on the other hand, believe that it was built sometime during the 6th century, making it well over 900 years old. It is a landmark of beauty and history and a must see place when travelling along the motorway.

Here’s just a taste of what awaits you at Katas Raj Temple

1. The Gates that open into the beauty of Katas

gates of katas

2. The old complex resting on the edge of a small pond

On the edge of a small pond

3. The temple where they say Krishna laid the foundation stones

Krishna's temple

4. A beautiful view from above

a view from above
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5. Drawings from long ago can be found inside the temple

Inside the temple
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6. Breathtaking beauty of the Katas at midday as it baths in the winter sun

Katas_Raj_Temple at midday

7. Amazing view of the waters hue reflected on the walls of the complex

Water reflecting on the walls

8. Even today hundreds of Hindus visit the Temple


9. Katas Temple – View from outside of the complex

a view from outside the complex

10. A magnificent picture of Katas from early in the century

older pic

11. Sitting on top of the peak of the hill is the temple and the staircase leading to it.

Stairs leading up to the temple

12. Legend says that Shiva’s tears created the pond of water on the hilltop

Tears of Shiva
White n Green

13. Katas Raj Temple – stunning at sunset

Resting on the top of a hill in Kallar Kahar bathed in the dying sun
Razaq Vance

14. A place that holds centuries of history in its walls

 holds a century of history

15. 900-year-old carvings adorn the walls inside the complex


It has centuries of beauty all in one place. Don’t you think its time to take that tour while driving along the motorway?