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15 Hilarious Moments On The Streets Of Pakistan


Think you’ve seen it, we highly doubt it. The streets of Pakistan are always full of interesting sights and sounds that will put a smile on your face.

The creativity minds of Pakistani’s are always at work, trying to take something simple and make it better and believe me, on more than one occasion they have.

Here are just a few more moments on the streets of Pakistan that can turn anyone’s day around.

1. Newest airline – Air Donkey

donkey air
Jay Fun

2. I guess his friend needed his ride 🙂

his friend needed his ride
E9 Fun

3. The donkey parking lot was all full – Honda needed a place to wait 🙂

no room in the donkey parking
I fun

4. He likes making eye contact when he’s having a conversation 🙂

he likes making eye contact when he's talking
Funn 4 U

5. Working while he sits in traffic

working while in traffic
Pictures Pk

6. The cow wanted to drive this time

the cow wanted to drive this time
Pictures Pk

7. Train car that is bound by tracks 🙂 It’s got its own wheels

a train that isn't bound by its tracks
It Dunya

8. Bhai, Full kar do tank ko 🙂

tank full kar do
ABD Funny

9. He doesn’t trust leaving his ride in the parking lot

doesn't trust leaving his ride in the parking lot
Pak Wheels

10. Give way to the new Lear jet of PIA – headed to the runway

the newest lear jet of PIA
Ap Maza

11. Police – the picture says it all

Pak 101

12. I wonder what makes the wheels go round and round…

how does it go round and round
For Wall Paper

13. Registered donkey

registered donkey
Halwa Puri

14. People walk their dogs don’t they – He is walking his donkey, making sure he stays healthy and fit 🙂

walking his donkey

15. Obeying the laws of the road 🙂 so cute

obeying the rules of the road

No doubting it, Pakistan’s are creativity. These are just a few of those hilarious creative things we see on the streets of Pakistan.