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14 Of The World’s Scariest Roads To Drive On


Driving on an average basis can be pretty taxing when you take into account traffic and all the distractions that can come – a beautiful day, good company, or a phone call.

These roads are the ones where¬†distractions can become fatal. Some of the world’s scariest roads are also just more beautiful and scenic. This deceptive beauty is just as dangerous and treacherous, one must always be sharp-eyed and have just as sharp reflexes to get through these places.

In no particular order are the roads that will knock your socks off. Take a look.

1. Guoliang Tunnel Road – China

Guoliang Tunnel China

The road tunnels through a sheer cliff with spots that are open with no guardrails, what so ever.

2. Pasubio – Italy


A winding stone road that goes through the mountains. Better watch your turns.

3. North Yungas Road – Bolivia

North Yungas Road Bolivia

Known as the death road of Bolivia, a dirt road in places that offers no protection against the sheer drops into the valley below.

4. Taroko Gorge Road – Taiwan


Another road carved out of rocks with sheer drops into valleys below.

5. The Atlantic Road – Norway

The Atlantic Road Norway

Crosses the Atlantic ocean in parts. As scenic as this road is, it’s just as scary, when the weather gets rough and waves and winds crash into the cars crossing.

6. Sichuan – Tibet Highway

Sichen tibet highway

This beautiful high altitude road is just as dangerous, with narrow roads that twist their way through the mountains, with drops of 5,000 meters.

7. The Karakoram Highway – Pakistan

Karakoram Highway

The 8th wonder of the world. The highway between Pakistan and China that runs through the mountains, with sheer drops on sides with no guard rails for protection.

8. Skippers Canyon Road – New Zealand


Its cliff-hugging road offers a beautiful view but, the treacherous sleek roads test your abilities as a driver.

9. The James Dalton Highway – Alaska

James Dalton Highway

Known for having winds so strong that rocks are kicked up and hit vehicles as the cross this, tundra highway.

10. The Himalayan Roads

The Himalayan Road

With roads that narrow to one lane and have no asphalt, these precarious and treacherous are no timid drivers game.

11. Stelvio Pass – Italy

Stelvio Pass

The highest road in the Eastern Alps, and just as dangerous with over ten hair pin turns that test your ability to drive.

12. Heaven Linking Avenue – China


Located in the Tianmen¬†Mountains, this road isn’t for the weak of heart or stomach, with countless hairpin turns that demand attention and concentration.

13. Jalalabad Road – Pakistan/Afghanistan

Jalalabad Road

The road that connects Pakistan and Afghanistan, with treacherous turns and cars speeding becomes a place of nerves and skill. This skill is even tested further in the dark and when the road is wet.

14. Road To Fairy Meadows – Pakistan


Considered the second deadliest track for 4WD in the world, the route to heaven on earth can tax your ability to drive and survive.

15. Zojila Pass – India

Zojila Pass India

The 9 km road at 3,500 feet above sea level that connects Ladakh and Kashmir. A pass where you not only have to deal with the treacherous road but will goats taking over the road as well.

Do you have what it takes to conquer the scariest roads in the world?

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